Why is the word love used in tennis?

Long ago, no score was indicated on French tennis scorecards by an egg-shaped zero. This was unknown as “L’oeuf’, the French word for egg, and the English-speaking players used the name word, but in this case it sounded like love, and has been called love ever since.

One Week and a Half…

One week and a half…That is all that is left of my two months and two weeks holidays. Time does go by quickly. Don’t we always say that? I seem to forget the number of things that I have done and went through during that time. 😉 Many days shopping, going out with friends, some people’s birthdays, the anxiety of exams results and weddings. Those are not over yet. I still have 4 other wedding dinners to attend. But they ain’t invitations from my immediate family.  I have put on some weight cause of all the Briani I am eating lately. 😉 I will resume my jogging soon. 🙂

I was at Uni today to submit my forms for the choice of final year project and electives. Things are going to be tough! 😉 I hope I get the project that I want. That is of the utmost importance. 😛

Well, I am off to bed now. I badly need some sleep!

Oldest Living Thing on Earth

It is good to know that the oldest living thing on earth is some 12,000 years old. It is the flowering shrubs called creosote bushes in the Mojave Desert.

Imagine that?! Oldest living thing in a DESERT? where there is basically no water…I guess that is what Survival is all about… 😉

My Harry Potter Days

I have just finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” A really amazing book. The fact that this is the last book saddens me. I have read all seven books and I would have loved to read others. However, everything has an end. 😉 I just hope J.K.Rowling will write more fabulous ones.

And today, I have watched the fifth movie: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” It is nicely made. The effects are really awesome. However, like it is often said, the movie is not like the book. The books, I believe are better. 😉 Those who have never read the books and who have watched the movies only will not understand the difference. Unfortunately.

Anyway, enjoy the magic! 😛

Cat’s Tail

It is good to know that when subjected to an electric current of at least 50 volts, a cat’s tail always points toward the north.

I do not know why but I have this funny picture in my mind, of an electrocuted cat (Grosminet to be exact, the cat in “titi and grosminet”?) with its tail pointing north and I am really laughing hard at it! Not very nice, isn’t it? But I can’t help it! 😛

Now I am wondering, what if the cat is put on a spinning table while applying the current? Will its tail revolve in a circle? If someone tries it, please let me know.  😉


I am not here today to ask anyone to stop smoking. Some say we should not give up on trying to make someone stop smoking but hey, we are living in a world where everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking. If someone starts, they better take their own responsibility.

One thing I would like to talk about is that there are some smokers who think they are beyond the Law. I noticed this specially in buses. (Buses ain’t an obsession of mine…I just travel a lot by bus and I notice things 😉 ) There are “No Smoking” signs in all buses. However, some smokers do not pay any attention to them. They would smoke as they like. What is more shocking in my opinion, is that the bus conductors tolerate that! They will not tell these people anything. If someone raises their attention to a person who is smoking in the bus, they will brush it off as being of little importance. I did that once. I told the conductor to ask a smoker to stop smoking in here because it is simply not allowed. The man told me to wait a minute. He would have a word with the guy. A minute turned into some five minutes. The guy had already finished with his cigarette. Still, the conductor did not say anything.

What I would like to tell those beyond-the-law smokers is to learn some respect. Non-smokers, are non-smokers because they do not wish to ruin their health the way they, the smokers, have CHOSEN to. Smokers, Please respect the non-smokers’ choice, the way your choice is being respected. Smokers, Please respect “No Smoking” signs in buses, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls and the like.

One last thing, Die but let Live!

Green Diamond

It is good to know that a green diamond is the rarest diamond.

Well personally I did not know that green diamonds existed. Not a wonder, it is said to be the rarest. Guess people do not talk too much about it. However, it is always good to know!

Wedding (part 2)

I am back now to start writing about weddings. 😛

So, after mehendi night, there was the religious ceremony. This is called the nikha. This was performed in the mosque and girls normally do not attend. We stayed at home with the bride. The latter was nicely dressed! She looked good! All brides are said to have a special shine on their face and it is true! 😛 Once the nikha ceremony over, the bridegroom came to the bride’s home to take her away. We spent a nice two hours taking loads of pictures. I have not seen any right now. Guess that will be for later! 😛

The next two days there was not any functions. The new couple set off on their honeymoon! 😛 But I was not allowed to rest. My brother got engaged on that very next day. That went on smoothly as well!

On Sunday, we were invited on the bridegroom’s side for dinner reception. The hall was way too cool! This time the bride wore her white gown and looked ravishing! 😛 Again load of pictures have been taken. We all had a good time there.

Yesterday, that is Monday, the bride’s family held the dinner reception. The family of the bridegroom was also invited. I was assigned to look after one table of twenty people. Easy work! After the guests were gone, I swear I could run a race on those high heels I was wearing! I got so used to them! Usually I am a high-heels shy girl! 😉

Today I was at the airport to see my brother off. After that, I headed to the “chowtaree.” The traditional dish: dholl puri and kheer ( rice and milk and whatever) was served. Then we had real big fun playing with confetti, flour and some kind of a mixture….my cousin prepared that….it stunk! I do not know what he added but I am sure there were some rotten eggs in that! Yuck! But hey, we had fun! Afterwards, obligatory showers were in order! 😛

Well that is about it. I have cut down on many small things. You would have been bored with it all. 😉 You just had to be there! 😛 but of course, you were not invited! 😛

Wedding (part 1)

Tonight I start writing about my first cousin who got married last Thursday. Shopping was only part of the wedding preparations. My personal part of the preparations. I always knew that weddings take a lot of time and effort and a great deal of planning. During the last few days I have come to realise how much! Ooof! You would not believe the number of things that have to be done. Fortunately with a good team and strong team spirit, there is nothing that is impossible! 😛

For example, Food! That is one important item in weddings! Preparations started officially on wednesday ( 18th July). The bride wore her henna on that day and at night was the “mehendi” night. Coming back to food, there were onions, carrots and cucumbers to be peeled. Tomatoes to be mashed. I was assigned the onions jobs! 😛 For someone who is not very often helping in the kitchen, I got on along well. Very well indeed! 😛 I did not do all of it alone of course. Another cousin helped. The job was done to perfection! The other women and some men were busy with the tomatoes, potatoes and how do I say that, a mixture of liver, intestine and whatever 😉 were being cleaned! Eeek! I do not eat these stuffs. But there is a lot of work before making a good curry with it all. Nearly the whole day went into that.

At night, the mehendi function began. The bride wore a beautiful saree and looked ravishing. I had my “chinese” dress on. I looked quite nice too. We took loads of pictures and had so much fun! 😛 I will not go in unnecessary details. All went well and the night ended at approximately 23:30. 😀 I stayed over there and went to bed at I-don’t-know-what time! 😛

Tomorrow is Dinner night. And I was at my cousin’s place. Again I was assigned the onions job. Have I become famous onion girl now? 😛 Not really! It was just something to be done like anything else. 🙂

In the morning, we will be decorating the hall. This promises to be fun!

be back soon

Hi people! I am so busy with all these wedding preparations and functions!!! I am barely here! 😛

Will give detailed accounts of everything when things calm down a little. Right now, I am dead tired. Just the time to check my mail and to drop a few words!

Be back real Soon!