Today I woke up bored!!! That happens only very rarely or nearly never! I always have something to do, someone to talk to or somewhere to go. I am always active, on the move. It is not like I did not have anything to do. My drawer still needs dusting and I had some shopping to do. But ever since opening my eyes this morning, I cannot shake this feeling of boredom!

One may think I am mistaking boredom with laziness? My drawer that needs dusting, uh? But that is not it. I started to sort the things in my drawer out but then felt I was bored with it all. So I just shut the drawer. I sat idle for some time and then told myself I’d go with my mum to the market. I thought that bargaining the price of something I will not even buy could put some fun in my morning. But so much for hoping so! Mum usually walks to the market, so along I walked with her. Already the sun was bothering me. I started to regret going out. But arrived at the market we did. I told myself to make the most of it. I trotted after my mum, looking over some things here and there! But that was not to last long. This feeling of boredom was really getting to me. I wanted out of there but to go where? Back home I was just as bored. So I stuck with my mum. And I still had some shopping to do, remember? However, I just could not find the things I wanted.

Well finally we got home. I was tired but bored out of my skull.I switched on my PC in the hope of finding a friend to chat to on MSN. Once on, I found out that I did not want to chat to anyone. The idea bored me! I sat idle again.

Slowly I started analysing this feeling of boredom. I thought about the various possible reasons:

1. I am worried about results. I am just restless. But that is not it. I have been worrying for some days and I am bored worrying!

2. I have not met up with my friends for some days. I could be missing the usual fun of being with them. So why then I did not think of that before? If that was the problem with me, it would have been obvious since the beginning of the day.

I went on and on like this for about an hour or so. But nothing concrete came out of this brainstorming! So much so I was fed up with the whole process! So I gave up the “analysis”.

Then I decided to get a nap! Sleep the boredom away!However that was not to be! I was tossing and turning like crazy! Talk about frustration! I had to get up else I was going to tear my pillow apart! “God,” I thought, “How could this be happening to me!”

I decided to take a long shower. Wash the boredom away this time! I felt somewhat better after an hour under the water. I always wondered what it was about a good warm shower that makes one feel good. I felt lighter. Just like that! I felt like myself again.

And so here I am writing about this boring day. I do not know what has pushed me to write about this. I guess just putting it into words somehow makes it all real. I swear I never had such a strange boring day.

Now, I am going to lose myself into Tom Welling’s oh-so-wonderful eyes! Out of this world really! A world which is boredom-free!