The Eight Wonders of the World

The Eight wonders of the world…the wondering is finally over! Yesterday ( 07.07.07) in Lisbon, Portugal, the new eight wonders were announced! They are:

1. The Great Wall of China

2. Petra in Jordan

3. Christ the Redeemer in Brazil

4. Machu Picchu in Peru

5. Chichen Itza in Mexico

6. Colosseum in Italy

7. Taj Mahal in India

8. The pyramids of Giza (the only remaining wonder of the Ancient World)

All these monuments and places are really astounding and are really wonderful. I had a look at the 21 finalists and I have to say I am quite disappointed not to find the Stonehenge (England) and the Alhambra (Spain) in the winners’ list. I suppose the English people did not vote or something. I have never been there myself (but I do hope one day I will) but the Stonehenge is a source of awe. No one really knows what these rocks were for or what were done there. I have read some articles about its history and architecture. I admit I did not understand everything that was explained in them( too many technical words in the fields of architecture and archaeology) but the amazement of the writers are easily discerned and you are easily carried away by the words.

As for the Alhambra, it is really rich in history, specially the Arab history. I have read about that too and the stories are fascinating. And I should certainly not forget to mention that some of the pictures I have seen of it just took my breath away. Really Wonderful. But unfortunately not many people voted for it.

Speaking of the voting, I do not quite agree to the way it was carried out. People could vote on the internet, by phone or text messages. Apparently to vote on the internet, one had to register his or her email address so as to prevent voting more than once. But hey, some people have more than one email address and someone may vote on the internet and by phone and by sending a text. Already he has casted a minimum of three votes for his favorite wonder! It should also be considered that in some corner of the world, people do not have access to the internet or phone! So in a way, the voting was not really representative and fair.

However, a point to be noted is that this voting has brought the world together. Every country was participating in choosing global heritage. It is such endeavors that show we are all human and should always stand together for the best. The world is a beautiful place and may the wonder of its people never cease! 😉

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