Bus Conductors

I am here today to write about bus conductors. No one really talks about them. It is high time someone starts. However, I must say that I am talking about my personal experience with these people. Whatever I am about to say here does not mean it applies to every other conductor!

Here we go! Lately, I have developed a kind of disgust against these individuals! They have to be the rudest persons I’ve ever come across! Ever since I’ve been a regular bus user, I have been noticing this. Funnily enough though, they have never been rude with me. If they ever did, they would not know what hit them! 😉

More seriously, I have witnessed some situations where their behaviour was really atrocious!

One time it was with an old couple. For those who do not know, old people are granted free transport in Mauritius. This means that they can travel to wherever they want to without having to pay anything. This old couple was badly-mouthed by that foolish conductor. The conductor’s problem was that the old man’s name did not appear clearly on the card old people need to show to testify that they are eligible for free transport. This was merely the case because the card was placed in a transparent plastic card holder. Besides, the conductor does not really need to know the man’s name! How would he check if the person’s name is really the one on the card?! All he has to check is the picture of the person and the issue date on that card. The old man was calm though. He removed the card from the plastic holder and showed it to the conductor. The latter was not satisfied yet. He looked at the card and told the old man in a real nasty and mean tone that he should have removed the card earlier. He shouldn’t have wasted his time asking the old man to do so. Then he kinds of look at us other passengers and said that these people are abusing! They are given a monthly pension. So why should they be given free transport?! He went on saying old people should better stay at home. They should not be traveling! What the heck is the problem with that conductor?! Having a bad morning?! This does not excuse the way he addressed that old man! Come on, the money for the pension and the free transport does not come out of his pocket!! And he does not own the bus company, does he?! He is not making any losses!!! Also, the Government pays a monthly fee to the various companies. So I do not quite understand what was really the issue here. A conductor in a bad mood? It is only human to have a bad mood but nevertheless one should not forget one’s manners! Old people deserve all our respect and if you are having a bad time, deal with it in a mature way. Do not take it out on others.

On a second time, it happened to a student. All students are granted free transport as well. This time around, the bus conductor had a problem with the way the student was sitting! There was actually nothing basically wrong with it. The student happens to be tall and of course, he could not sit properly in that short distance between the front seat and his. His leg just brushed with the conductor’s. And that caused the student a three-minute long of insulting. In a line, the conductor told him that since he isn’t paying, if he cannot sit well, he just has to stand up or to just leave the bus. Did the student deserve such talking to? Is it his fault he is tall? Has he decided to give himself free transport? Is it his fault that such small distance is provided between two seats? No! So here too, the conductor’s behaviour was terribly unfair and uncalled for!

I have seen other such situations more often than not. And the ultimate problem, in my opinion is that these bus conductors do not agree to the free transport concept. But why should that be a problem to them? The company owners have cut down on their salaries? They should place their complaints where appropriate or deal with the Government! Why should we fellow travelers be badly treated because of that?!

Bus conductors are in contact with people all day through. They should have good speaking manners and make kind impressions on others. Every individual should by the way. They are in the transport business. Just offering comfortable seats isn’t enough! A good service is most vital! But I do not think these conductors understand that. I would suggest then a personality test must be carried out to see if they have good communication skills during their interview (if we are supposing they are interviewed before being employed!).

Some people take good manners for granted…but that is what makes a society goes round…in my humble opinion, of course! 🙂

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete…

Did you know that? I did not! Read that on a random page on the net! Well, that fact is quite amazing really…I say amazing because people may easily break a leg whereas concrete seems hard to crack! 😉

Now, when always in doubt, google your way out! Hey it is easy and it works! 😉

So I went to google about this fact…and it turns out to be true. Several web pages confirm this! I mean that’s great! Our leg, or our thigh more precisely, is stronger than concrete! So why then do we break our leg if say, a concrete pillar falls on it? Guess some physics comes into play here! and hey, I have forgotten all about my physics lessons. I did that ages ago and I never quite liked it. But I reckon that it’ll have something about mass and force?

I am in doubt…I am on my way to google my way out! 😛


Finally obtained my examination results this Monday (9th July 2007)! And hurray! I have passed in all my modules. God! I was so worried! I was expecting the worst but things turned out quite well after all! 😛

The coming academic year will be the last one I’ll be spending at the University of Mauritius. At least I hope so! The hardest work still lies ahead! the main one being our final year project! I am kind of worried about that too! Hope we get nice projects to work on and good lecturers to guide us through.

But hey, I still have one month to go before really immersing myself in studies again! Better enjoy this holiday to the max!