I am sitting here at my desk after a long and well-spent Saturday! Not one dull moment!

I woke up late as usual. It is the holidays after all. I had my late breakfast and joked about with my brother. Yeah that was one of these rare days that we ain’t fighting! šŸ˜› Then it was time to go shopping…yet again! I still had to get one of these odd things…:P I do not expect the boys to understand anyway!

Once home, I had my lunch. Then I rent a movie on myT: “Wu Ji”. Check it out! Real neat! šŸ˜€ Then my aunt came around. She gossiped mostly but she is fun. I laugh at her more than I laugh with her….tssk tssk! šŸ˜›Ā  At least she is not dull! She has an opinion about everything and likes to share it. (Reminds me of someone!)

After she was gone, I went through some school memorabilia. Nice stuffs. šŸ˜›Ā  Miss those school days but I do not think I’d like to go back…Imagine chemistry?! That’sĀ  scary! My chemistry teacher was a nightmare…My personal walking nightmare. My friends tease me about that now but I do not think they would have liked to be in my shoes. I was terrified whenever he asked me a question. Simply because I never had the right answer. I hated Chemistry anyway!

Some other time I may mention my other misadventures at school…:P but right now, my pillow is calling me!