Nice Weekend

I have already told you about my Saturday. I was not around yesterday (Sunday) to tell you about it because I was really too tired to come online! What a Sunday though! As always my aim is to not get bored. So I woke in my usual great mood and decided to go to Beau Bassin at my uncle’s place. I had a nice time there watching a movie and having “roti” for lunch! šŸ˜›

By four, we came back to Port-Louis again! We went to Champs de Mars, the place to hang out on a Sunday evening. People mostly indulge in car watching and appreciation there. Some girls check out some other boys who have already checked them out. It is like that most of the time there! Time wasting really but a Sunday is to relax right? To each their own! šŸ˜›

Yeah and then it was time for dinner. We drove around and found a suitable place to eat. I had fried rice. Wicked! šŸ˜› Then we went at my Grand-mother’s place. After spending some time there, I was off to my cousin’s place, the first one who is getting married! The mood was very festive. It is her wedding after all! They have already decorated the house. It was looking really beautiful and promised some good times to come! šŸ˜›

I am really looking forward to all the functions I have to attend! Ew, and to put all these things I spent so many days shopping for to good use! šŸ˜‰

Now my Monday. I had a wonderful one! lol I was woken up this morning by my mom. She told me that I had fifteen minutes to get ready. We were going to the beach. And of course I took more than fifteen minutes! šŸ˜›

It was sunny at the beach! Real nice, peaceful and warm. We had lunch there. Briani! šŸ˜‰ Then it was time to get home. I went to the university after that. Some friends were hanging out there. We barely spent one hour there. Once in Port-Louis again, Gul and I headed for some shopping. Yeah, yet again I had to buy some things. But the main thing I was looking for is a big wedding wishes card. Oh my, I did not get it. I almost got it. Almost. Let me explain. There is this shop in Happy World. We kind of found a card. I was looking for one which was more hmm, say, attractive. This one was nice but I wanted to look at other places first. If I did not find any, I thought, I would take this one. I did not get any in the other shops. So I went back. And as my bad luck would have it, a girl had the card I had in mind in her hand. There was only that one left. I prayed she would not take it. She took it! My heart sank! However I never lose hope! But then, many shops were closed already. So tomorrow I am going out again to look for a wedding wishes card. I use to find so many when I do not need one! I am sure tomorrow, if God willing, I will get that card! šŸ˜›

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