First Case of Common Cold

As it is the case right now in Mauritius, and it is the “season” for it, many people are getting what we call the common cold. It is good to know that the first case of the common cold was diagnosed in 1611 in Stratford, England. The patient? John Common, who coincidentally gave his cold to William Shakespeare who said the new malady exacerbated his lovesickness, thereby inspiring several of his most fondly remembered sonnets.  🙂

William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliette, right? For a guy who is so lovesick, I wonder how he got inspired to write a story that is still considered as one of the greatest love stories. And then there is Macbeth. I guess he wrote that one while having a severe case of the common cold! 😛

Shopping Finally Done

Yeah I am back again to talk about my shopping! I am nearly done. I just have a necklace and a pair of earrings, then my shopping will be complete! Yesterday I was way too tired to blog after that amazing day shopping!

Remember I had a wedding wishes card to buy?! I got it guys! After again roaming the streets of Port-Louis with Gul, we finally got the card. And what a story there. Talk about being disconcerted. I was over my head with joy with I saw that card. It was just the way I wanted. Now, on its plastic wrap, I saw was written: “70/” Of course, first thing that comes to mind is that number is the card’s price. Since I have two cousins getting married, I needed two them. I asked the salesgirl there to get me another one. The lady who was manning the cash register apparently is the owner of the shop. I went to her and asked her if she could give me those cards at Rs60 each. She told me quite harshly:” What Rs60? ” . I told her, dumbfounded, “Well those card…I am taking two and I was wondering if I could get them at Rs60 each.” and haha, surprise surprise, the lady said:”that card is rs150.” That could not be. I had seen the “70/” on the card. I pointed that out to the owner. It was the salesgirl who replied and told me the “70/” is the code of the card, not its price! boohoo…I lost all my desire to bargain. Talk about getting the big head. Well, it was not really my fault but, hey, they should not write the card’s code on it. People expect to find the price tag on an item, not the code! Anyway I got out of that shop with the cards, that what was more important to me. 😉

Then I got on to buy some other knick-knacks and a pair of trousers. They fit me nicely except for the fact that they were too long. But that was to be expected where I am concerned. Most of the time I never get trousers that are of the perfect “height”. 😛

In the afternoon, I applied some mehendi on my nails. I love the smell of mehendi! For those who do not know, mehendi is kind of a nice-scented( even though some people cannot stand it) paste that is applied on the body or hair. Once removed, it leaves a red color. The red color intensifies after some time. Sometimes, it can get such a deep brown that is it often mistaken as black. It is more often applied on the palm of the hand in different designs, much like tattoos. I am going to get my hands done later today. If it comes out ok, maybe I’ll post a picture or two.

Tonight is the first function: “mehendi night”. I can’t wait! 😛 After that, I’ll be spending the night there. All my cousins are staying behind too and I figure that we will not be getting any sleep! That’s the spirit after all! 😛