First Case of Common Cold

As it is the case right now in Mauritius, and it is the “season” for it, many people are getting what we call the common cold. It is good to know that the first case of the common cold was diagnosed in 1611 in Stratford, England. The patient? John Common, who coincidentally gave his cold to William Shakespeare who said the new malady exacerbated his lovesickness, thereby inspiring several of his most fondly remembered sonnets.  🙂

William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliette, right? For a guy who is so lovesick, I wonder how he got inspired to write a story that is still considered as one of the greatest love stories. And then there is Macbeth. I guess he wrote that one while having a severe case of the common cold! 😛

6 thoughts on “First Case of Common Cold

  1. Well, that would be Romeo and Juliet, not Juliette. But I sure didn’t know about that common cold thingy. Nice one. And now we know why Macbeth turned out to be such a “fantastic” story. I have to say, I can’t quite believe that the man who wrote Hamlet, wrote this. Oh well, not here to criticise him, are we?

  2. viccks says:

    hehe..just got common cold myself talking about Shakespeare..
    i’ll like to add

    life is neither “a mid summer night’s dream” or a “tempest” better take it “as you like it”

  3. bb: yeah tht would be Juliet….thnks for pointing it out. and macbeth can surely be seen as a love story by Roushdat… love for power? uh mr world president wannabe? 😉
    nice comment Vickss…

  4. just got a cold for the first time that I can remember…was wondering what the first documented case of the common cold and here I am…wow! So interesting! Don’t love the “Common” cold but do so looooooooove Shakespeare!

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