Wedding (part 1)

Tonight I start writing about my first cousin who got married last Thursday. Shopping was only part of the wedding preparations. My personal part of the preparations. I always knew that weddings take a lot of time and effort and a great deal of planning. During the last few days I have come to realise how much! Ooof! You would not believe the number of things that have to be done. Fortunately with a good team and strong team spirit, there is nothing that is impossible! 😛

For example, Food! That is one important item in weddings! Preparations started officially on wednesday ( 18th July). The bride wore her henna on that day and at night was the “mehendi” night. Coming back to food, there were onions, carrots and cucumbers to be peeled. Tomatoes to be mashed. I was assigned the onions jobs! 😛 For someone who is not very often helping in the kitchen, I got on along well. Very well indeed! 😛 I did not do all of it alone of course. Another cousin helped. The job was done to perfection! The other women and some men were busy with the tomatoes, potatoes and how do I say that, a mixture of liver, intestine and whatever 😉 were being cleaned! Eeek! I do not eat these stuffs. But there is a lot of work before making a good curry with it all. Nearly the whole day went into that.

At night, the mehendi function began. The bride wore a beautiful saree and looked ravishing. I had my “chinese” dress on. I looked quite nice too. We took loads of pictures and had so much fun! 😛 I will not go in unnecessary details. All went well and the night ended at approximately 23:30. 😀 I stayed over there and went to bed at I-don’t-know-what time! 😛

Tomorrow is Dinner night. And I was at my cousin’s place. Again I was assigned the onions job. Have I become famous onion girl now? 😛 Not really! It was just something to be done like anything else. 🙂

In the morning, we will be decorating the hall. This promises to be fun!