Green Diamond

It is good to know that a green diamond is the rarest diamond.

Well personally I did not know that green diamonds existed. Not a wonder, it is said to be the rarest. Guess people do not talk too much about it. However, it is always good to know!

Wedding (part 2)

I am back now to start writing about weddings. 😛

So, after mehendi night, there was the religious ceremony. This is called the nikha. This was performed in the mosque and girls normally do not attend. We stayed at home with the bride. The latter was nicely dressed! She looked good! All brides are said to have a special shine on their face and it is true! 😛 Once the nikha ceremony over, the bridegroom came to the bride’s home to take her away. We spent a nice two hours taking loads of pictures. I have not seen any right now. Guess that will be for later! 😛

The next two days there was not any functions. The new couple set off on their honeymoon! 😛 But I was not allowed to rest. My brother got engaged on that very next day. That went on smoothly as well!

On Sunday, we were invited on the bridegroom’s side for dinner reception. The hall was way too cool! This time the bride wore her white gown and looked ravishing! 😛 Again load of pictures have been taken. We all had a good time there.

Yesterday, that is Monday, the bride’s family held the dinner reception. The family of the bridegroom was also invited. I was assigned to look after one table of twenty people. Easy work! After the guests were gone, I swear I could run a race on those high heels I was wearing! I got so used to them! Usually I am a high-heels shy girl! 😉

Today I was at the airport to see my brother off. After that, I headed to the “chowtaree.” The traditional dish: dholl puri and kheer ( rice and milk and whatever) was served. Then we had real big fun playing with confetti, flour and some kind of a mixture….my cousin prepared that….it stunk! I do not know what he added but I am sure there were some rotten eggs in that! Yuck! But hey, we had fun! Afterwards, obligatory showers were in order! 😛

Well that is about it. I have cut down on many small things. You would have been bored with it all. 😉 You just had to be there! 😛 but of course, you were not invited! 😛