I am not here today to ask anyone to stop smoking. Some say we should not give up on trying to make someone stop smoking but hey, we are living in a world where everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking. If someone starts, they better take their own responsibility.

One thing I would like to talk about is that there are some smokers who think they are beyond the Law. I noticed this specially in buses. (Buses ain’t an obsession of mine…I just travel a lot by bus and I notice things 😉 ) There are “No Smoking” signs in all buses. However, some smokers do not pay any attention to them. They would smoke as they like. What is more shocking in my opinion, is that the bus conductors tolerate that! They will not tell these people anything. If someone raises their attention to a person who is smoking in the bus, they will brush it off as being of little importance. I did that once. I told the conductor to ask a smoker to stop smoking in here because it is simply not allowed. The man told me to wait a minute. He would have a word with the guy. A minute turned into some five minutes. The guy had already finished with his cigarette. Still, the conductor did not say anything.

What I would like to tell those beyond-the-law smokers is to learn some respect. Non-smokers, are non-smokers because they do not wish to ruin their health the way they, the smokers, have CHOSEN to. Smokers, Please respect the non-smokers’ choice, the way your choice is being respected. Smokers, Please respect “No Smoking” signs in buses, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls and the like.

One last thing, Die but let Live!

2 thoughts on “Smokers

  1. boomparwez says:

    well well.. nice post out there.. being a amoker myself, i find that you are having your own way of presenting fings 🙂 its true dat “die but let live” mwa si mo dir sa .. mo ler mort.. mais mo laisse les autres vivre 🙂

  2. Roushdat says:

    I personally don’t have any problem with people killing themselves by smoking…They want to die, let them die! But what I do have a very big problem is that they are not just dying alone, they are killing others (passive smokers) in the process. I view most cigarette smokers are murderers and I will be very happy to see capital punishment applied to them.

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