Cat’s Tail

It is good to know that when subjected to an electric current of at least 50 volts, a cat’s tail always points toward the north.

I do not know why but I have this funny picture in my mind, of an electrocuted cat (Grosminet to be exact, the cat in “titi and grosminet”?) with its tail pointing north and I am really laughing hard at it! Not very nice, isn’t it? But I can’t help it! 😛

Now I am wondering, what if the cat is put on a spinning table while applying the current? Will its tail revolve in a circle? If someone tries it, please let me know.  😉

4 thoughts on “Cat’s Tail

  1. dodo says:

    hey its an electric voltage , electric current is supposed to be in ampere , Volts is for voltage..well apart from this i must say that its weird and interesting all the same.too bad i dont have a cat at home anymore..else it would been introduced to electricity. this being said , i dont think it would have bothered him since it was already introduced to bowling…

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