One Week and a Half…

One week and a half…That is all that is left of my two months and two weeks holidays. Time does go by quickly. Don’t we always say that? I seem to forget the number of things that I have done and went through during that time. 😉 Many days shopping, going out with friends, some people’s birthdays, the anxiety of exams results and weddings. Those are not over yet. I still have 4 other wedding dinners to attend. But they ain’t invitations from my immediate family.  I have put on some weight cause of all the Briani I am eating lately. 😉 I will resume my jogging soon. 🙂

I was at Uni today to submit my forms for the choice of final year project and electives. Things are going to be tough! 😉 I hope I get the project that I want. That is of the utmost importance. 😛

Well, I am off to bed now. I badly need some sleep!

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