Briani is my favorite dish! 😛 Of all the weddings I have attended during the past two months, tonight’s dinner was the best! The briani was finger-licking good! 😉

I am dead tired. Guess I’ll go to bed now.

Looking behind without turning its head

It is good to know that the only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot. I google that fact to know how they actually achieve that.  Do the same if you want to know more… 😉 I cannot copy and paste here…copyrights… 😉

My Day at the Bank

I had to accompany mum at the bank today. As expected, there was a long line of people waiting. I thought it would be boring to wait such a long time for our turn. Mum got annoyed with me and told me to get myself a seat. I gladly did that. So while sitting there, I took a good look around. There were “No Smoking”, “No Wearing of Helmets”, “No Use of Mobile Phones” signs posted on the walls. Just a minute after that, my mobile phone started ringing. I quickly took it out of my bag and switched off the sound. I did not want to be told off by the security guard there. Besides, it was not an important call. Usual miss call pranks. One thing that strikes me while sitting for some thirty minutes there, is the number of people who did not respect that particular “No Use of Mobile Phones” signs. One man who was in the line, took out his mobile and was talking loudly at that. I understand you would not want to lose your place in one long queue but still have the decency to talk softly or something! Or he could just not take the call. He was positively barking in that phone. He could have been disturbing the officers there but I do not think he cared too much. He was not the only to take calls in the bank. However, they were not anything obvious like him. Also, the security guard did not stop him! What is he being paid for I wonder!

I do not know why people do not respect small signs like that. Every institution has rules of its own. Rules are there for a reason. Respecting them is the least one can do. I cannot understand why some people find it hard to do. And those who are supposed to help make citizens abide by these rules are turning a blind eye to it!

Now, something else that stroke me today is a very bad comment someone made. There was this man sitting next to me. He was with, I assume, his daughter. The mother was queuing. They were looking at her and were talking among themselves. Along came this little girl. She slipped but got up real quick. She was embarrassed and run to her mum. You would not believe what that father said! It was shocking to me. He told his daughter:”May be she got drunk along with her father. That is why she can’t walk straight. Ah, those black people!” That little girl did not deserve that. It is true that in Mauritius black people are looked down upon. They do not have a good reputation. But still, a comment like that is ill-placed. The daughter and mother laughed along with the father. I was disgusted. Really! How can a little girl get drunk with her father? What is funny in that comment?! If some people of the little girl’s race are drunkards, that doesn’t necessarily mean that her family is like one of them. There are bad people everywhere. Judging someone according to ethnicity, culture and religion is downright despicable!

Anyway, who said waiting in line at the bank was annoying and frustrating? If you look around you and study fellow human beings ( without staring or gawking or listening on conversations, except if you can’t help it…), time will go by quickly and you’ll learn a thing or two… 😉