I have had a great day today. In my bed. Oh, do not go and think of silly things. 😉 I was overtaken by sleep! All through my holidays, I have not got the opportunity to sleep that much. Last night, I went to bed at 22hrs. However, I got up at midnight. I tossed and turned for nearly one hour. When I finally woke up the next morning, it was already 11:30! I slept 10 hours and 30 minutes straight! 🙂 But it is not over yet! I went to have lunch and came back to my room. I was feeling lightheaded and my pillow was looking so tempting! I could not resist. I jumped back in bed. It was 12:30 then and when I woke up again it was 16:30! So that is another four hours. All in all I slept: 2 hours of last night + 10 hours and 30 minutes straight + the last four hours. Total: 16 hours and 30 minutes!

Wow! I’ve really outdone myself this time. 😉