Community Shield

Wahooooo!!! Manchester United won the community shield!!! And yeah yeah, Giggs scored! Muah! I really love this guy! I had a severe crush on him when I was sixteen…Guess I am not really over it! 😉

Social Work

Like I mentioned in my last blog, I went to see my brother’s show on ninjitsu. I did not know what to expect really. Since I had nothing else to do, I tagged along with mum. When we arrived at the Plaine Verte Garden, where this little show was to take place, a fair amount of people was already there. To begin with there was a magic show. Very funny and amusing. After that, some of the organisers and some politicians took the mike.

I thought I was in for an hour or so of boredom. I hate long speeches! But sometimes, if you are listening well, it is worth it. There was this social worker, the President of the Association, “Coeur de la Plaine Verte”, which organised this event, he talked at length about the Youth of Plaine Verte. He talked about the different difficulties these youngsters are facing and what his organisation is trying to do and what he did personally. I thought to myself that I underestimated the work of a benevolent social worker. I mean there are some people out there who spend their life looking after the needy and do not ask anything in return. Really, I say these men and women are courageous! They are fighting so that the young in that locality does not fall into drugs and the sort. My family may not have a big house, a big car or lots of money in the bank, however, I have never lacked anything. I believe that those who are “lucky” as I am will not really appreciate poverty, what it is like in reality. We may feel compassionate and imagine the difficulties. So that is why I really admire people who devote some of their time to the Poor. They do not have to do it but still they are there.

Next a politician spoke. The organisation in question is not linked to politics but they often need help from those in power. And this man spoke a lot about education. Education is the future. As it is often said, an educated child is a country’s greatest treasure. One thing he pointed out that caught my attention. He said that some people, due to religious beliefs tend not to work in certain flourishing sectors! He mentioned for example, tourism. Numerous hotels are under construction and hence, many job opportunities for these people. However, they do not even want to follow the necessary training to join the sector. This is quite an issue to me! Come on, you need a job and those jobs can at least help you out of your misery! I see nothing wrong in doing a clean job, even if in status it is considered to be a lowly one! Besides, there are no lowly jobs as long as you are working honestly and being able to look after yourself and your family. But there are some who are picky, even when they can’t afford to be!

Afterwards, there were judo and ninjitsu shows. Both were breathtaking but without being biased, ( 😉 ), the ninjitsu one was most impressive! My little brother is quite good at what he does. I think that activities as such help these adolescents to rightly channel their excess of energy. At the same time, they can be proud of themselves which in consequence, make them feel good about themselves. They hence, will not turn to drugs and other bad things.

Yeah, not to forget that I won myself a book about basketball there last night. The host for the event wanted to know what “Richard of york Gained battle in vain” was meant for. R O Y G B I V represent colours of the rainbow of course! I answered correctly and got that book. Now, I am not a very great fan of basketball but hey, it will always remind me of that night! 😉