And the Final Race Begins…

Day 1 Semester 1 Year 3 started beautifully for me. I woke up early and I was on time in class. There was not much traffic in the morning and I am extremely grateful for that. It felt good to be in class again, with everyone and then some. πŸ™‚ The final race has begun!

There was no strike on campus, as I mentioned the last time. Things are starting to look up after quite a pertinent debate between the University’s administration and the students, and later on, with the Ministry of Education. The main issues have been solved! It seems that everyone is satisfied. But I guess, students are going to have to adjust with the fact that there will be more than 40 students in a class. Personally I was in a class of nearly 60 students this morning. I was at first apprehensive but it did not turn out all that bad. However, I had a friend who is doing a degree in International Relations and History who could not follow her class well in a room of 120 students. I do not know how things are going to evolve for these lectures but it is currently being said that RGBs and Laptops are going to be provided. Where they will get the money for that, I yet again, do not know. Let me remind you that the University is in some financial crisis. So…

Anyhow, the sun was shining brightly at Reduit today and I had a terrific day. πŸ™‚

It feels good to get back to the old routine again!

One thought on “And the Final Race Begins…

  1. roushdat says:

    lol, not a bad start πŸ˜‰ As for me, 2 lectures were scheduled, the first one, lecturer still on vacation…the second one, i was busy listening to our vice-chancellor in the auditorium :p so i couldn’t make it 😦

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