Give Blood, Save a life

“Give blood, Save a life.” or so the slogan goes right?

I have never given blood in my life before. Yesterday, however, I decided to change that. The blood caravan was on campus and I thought it was an opportunity to do a good action. So, all three of us, Ash, Gul and I, went to fill the form etc. No need to say I was terrified! and it showed!!! However, little courageous me decided not to go back! I really made up my mind! Our turn came and we gave our blood. I really will not go into details about how they took my blood. I feel like crying when I think about it now. It was not all that bad but see, I fainted some two hours after these vampires have taken 450ml of blood from me!!! 😦  Apparently, I was not eligible to be a blood donor, I found out later!

Yes people, you have got to be “eligible” before giving your blood!

” To give blood for transfusion to another person, you must be healthy, be at least 17 years old or 16 years old if allowed by state law, weigh at least 110 pounds (that is about 50kg, and the criteria I do not meet by the way) , and not have donated blood in the last 8 weeks (56 days) or a donation of double red cells in the last 16 weeks (111 days). “Healthy” means that you feel well and can perform normal activities. If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, “healthy” also means that you are being treated and the condition is under control.

Other aspects of each potential donor’s health history are discussed as part of the donation process before any blood is collected. Each donor receives a brief examination during which temperature, pulse, blood pressure and blood count (hemoglobin or hematocrit) are measured. (They neither took my temperature nor did they do a blood count! )

To have more information, visit the American Red Cross website:,1082,0_557_,00.html

8 thoughts on “Give Blood, Save a life

  1. roushdat says:

    hmm seems moisi mo pas pou cav done mo dusang 😦 48kg….Enfin, luckily for the people out there, else seki gagne mo blood, moV problem pou ramasser ha :p

    I think ti bizin donne bane incentives like: 1 pinte du sang, gagne 1 large pizza.

  2. @ morinn: i did give my blood…thtz y i fainted!
    @ roush: manG sa em tou to penC toi! haha!!!

    I am fyn now btw…looking back now, i can say it was a good experience….but not one i want to repeat! 😛

  3. nushreena says:

    huh..dats somthing nice 🙂 but so sad u badly experienced it.. still ur intention was gud.. 🙂 hmm nuss, me 2 mom ti dir no 😦

  4. I always donate blood, mo voyaZem o all lopital tou les trois mois pou donne mo disang, though i never did it on the campus, they always come at times and days am not free :p

    About the tests they have done, yes they do the tests, si they’ve “pik to pouce”, if you notice well, they’ll but the blood sample in some different small tubes which contains some liquid, i suppose those are the tests, i they change color or whatever, enfin mo pa konE, mais c 1 bann test.

    You fainted probably coz you got up too quick (or faint hearted :p)


    aniisah: roushdat, normal ki li pense zis manzE, enfaite, moi si mo pense zis manzE 3/4 letemp couma li meme, et nou tous les deux p pense world domination, probablement, parseki letemp nou rest lescalier sa, bann extraterestre inn fer lexperience lor tou bann lezot dimoune ki reste dans laterre, sauf bann dimoune lescalier, donc to bizin pense manzE toi osi, to humain, bann extratereste inn efface dans to memoire parseki to pa rest lescalier daprE lord!

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