Did you know that your heart beats 100,000 times a day?

I personally thought it was much more than that. Really, I do not know why but I have this strange notion that 100,000 times ain’t enough! It seems to me that my heart beats a lot more! 😉

And girls, mind it now when your boyfriends tell you that they think about you with each of their heartbeat. Do not get over your head. They are thinking about you ONLY 100,000 times a day! 😛

Yet Another Week Over

Yet another week is over. I wanted to give some feedback on those resolutions I took some three weeks ago. I have not arrived late at any of my lectures. I paid more attention and gave some good answers to questions asked. I specially like my Network Design and Services lecture. 😉 I ate more healthily too. I brought my own food everyday and only on Saturday that I went to MIE for its fried noodles. Ash and I played badminton for one hour and my arm was painful for three days! I have not yet started on strengthening my programming skill but I am going to start soon. I am quite taken with my background study for my final year project right now. Every day I am thankful for my friends and we are enjoying all our time together. I have not hated anyone at all. At least no one new! 😛 And I still have not learned to be patient. Anyone has some tips? 🙂