Ive been busy!

Gosh, time does go by so fast! I have not blogged for nearly three weeks but it seems longer than that. A lot has been going on and I have been busy. Ramadhan had started and of course, this has taken me out of my usual routine. There have been other stuffs to concentrate on! In addition to all that, studies are getting tougher everyday. My final year project is still on the background study level and my partner and I are supposed to be starting the analysis part soon. I am completely behind in my “multimedia systems” module. In fact, most of the time, I do not understand anything that the lecturer is talking about! and people, that is bad!!! If I do not get serious quick, there is going to be hell to pay! 😦 As from tomorrow, I am really going to concentrate. I’ll keep you updated on my progress! For the other modules, it seems I am doing fine! 🙂 Specially for my IS Advanced class. There are some 127 students in that class and I find it fun! and well interesting too!

And ah yes, my resolutions. Some have worked out fine. I have been late for class only once and that was not my fault! It was for Urvy’s birthday! I had some things to do. 😉 I was late only ten minutes anyway. I have been eating more healthily and as for sports, I’ll start seriously after Ramadhan! We had a blast for Urv’s birthday! So happy moments have been spent with friends! 😛

And where friends are concerned, made two and nearly lost one! The story will kind of get personal here and so I can’t really talk about it without their permission! 😛 In life we meet some people, some will stay forever, some will stay only for a moment and there are some who make you wish you have never met them! haha!

I got to go now…Keep dropping by! I will try to be more regular!!! Take Care! 🙂