Hey there bloggers!

It has been a while since I’ve last blogged! Hmm, months in fact! Time does fly by quickly…

On my last post I mentioned how hectic the days were back then. Well, it is all over now. I have completed my final year project and what a stress has that been. Ooof! and not to mention the exams! Guess it is because it is my final year and everything and the tension and worry is kind of more fierce! 😉 Anyway, all *that* stress is gone now and another has taken its place. Stress because of results! But duh duh, I am not going to think about that just now! 😛

A little update about me: I’ve turned 22 on the 27th of may. (Yeps Grown up now!) and I am working! (and have to act like a grown up too!) I am a “ingenieur d’etudes” (I have no idea how to say that appropriately in English. :S ) at Astek Mauritius. So basically I am still on the learning process. Understanding what the system is about and how to manage it. I’ve been working for three weeks already and let me tell you, it does not feel like it. But I am enjoying my time there. Ok, not all the time, but hey, for me it is much better than staying at home and doing absolutely nothing, or watch TV, or to go Shopping whenever I feel like it, to sleep till late.. Gosh, do I seem like a big liar here? Duh, I do! Nuh, Seriously, working is great but I do miss the real “holidays”! However, I guess we have reached that point in life where we are not granted “real holidays” anymore. It is time to be a responsible and independent individual. It is time for pay back. All through 18 years, we have been given almost everything ~free~: education, food, cloth, transport and the like. Now, we have to take it upon us to contribute so that others after us enjoy the same “free” stuffs we did. It is time also, for us to take care of our parents. To help them in their old days and to be grateful. Ha! I got a bit side-tracked I think! 😛 I was saying we ain’t given “real holidays” anymore, but hey! the week-ends are still here! 😉 So for me, Saturday is basically Shopping Day! (I so love that word: shopping shoppi-nnng shooooppp–inng!) I am out nearly all day. Sunday is sleeping till late day and tidying room day. Normally, I am not a big fan of Sundays. :S So ppfftt…

Anyway, feels good to have written down something after such a long time..I kind of forgot how much I enjoy it. 🙂

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