“It is a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life…” Avril Lavigne – I’m with you

The night was cold indeed and I was kind of taking a trip down memory lane. It is becoming one of my favorite places. 😛 I guess when you have nothing to do and when you cannot find sleep, your mind has a way of falling back to the past or fast forwarding into the future. Well, it happens like that for me. The past it is this time and I am trying to figure out this life. Basically, going through what I have achieved in the past, thing I can say I am proud of…and also others that I am not very proud of. 😦 One thing I can say though is that everything happens for a reason and based on the choices I have made at different stages of my life. My *DeStInY*

Ok, some people do not believe in Destiny, that life is preordained. Destiny was, is and always be a topic full of enigmas. Who really understands it properly? Different religions have different say on the matter. Many wise people have studied it but they each have their own explanation.

For me, our destiny is shaped by our *choices*. In life, we always have alternatives: We can “yes” and we can say “No”. We know when something is “good” and when something is “bad”. Life is preordained yes, but Man have what we call the *free will*, or the *power to choose*. When we are just children, our parents always took decisions for us and chose in our place. This is because they know what’s good for us then. But gradually, We are also taught what is right and what is wrong. That is the way it has to be. Come adolescence, we are allowed to take some decisions on our own because it is believed that we can distinguish between what is good and what is bad for us. Above Eighteen, we become accountable for our actions. At that age, we are mature enough to act in the correct way. To lead our life like responsible individuals. That is the “normal” way things should be. In a perfect world. But this world is not perfect and not everyone gets to lead a “normal” life. But let us come to our choices. Everyday we are faced with those. And every choice we make has a consequence. The consequence can be something that happens to us, something we obtain, something we feel, and the like. And those consequences can affect other people’s life. What do you choose? Sometimes it is complex. You may ask others for advice but in the end, the final decision is yours to make. From there, you have other choices to make and so on. So, for me life is full of choices and alternatives. More often than not, the choices are not obvious and they may not be apparent but with time, you will always find it.

Also, it can happen when you don’t have any choice but to do one specific thing, right? But that too is a result of a previous choice. I hence call a situation of no choice a consequence. 😉 Moreover, very often, we choose without really realising it. Here, maybe our personality plays a role. We choose based on what we like best for example. But it all comes down to choices. There is an outcome for everything and those outcomes, well, they are controlled by a *Greater Power*. I have no other way of explaining that. For instance, why something is the consequence of a certain action? That is what is preordained. The law of nature…

4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Wass says:

    No doubt about that (from me too), your life and hence ‘destiny’ is just about the choice you make. Man has the possibility of changing his destiny! (I know this won’t even make any sense to most people)
    “But who cares, it’s my life, live it to my expectation and choices.. “

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