Use of Mobile Phones

A while back, I read an American’s post on the use of mobile phones and how his fellow countrymen act as children, immature beings, because of those. He says that in America, people have forgotten the basics of good manners and good social behavior. I kind of lost that link. *Sorry*

However, what makes me want to have a similar post is because I’d like to say that the case is same here in Mauritius! There are so many social etiquettes we overlook, intentionally or not.

  • Ignoring Signs of “Please Switch off your mobile phones”.

I am choosing that as number 1. I cannot count the number of times I have been at the bank or the library and seen people chatting away, as they please, on their mobile phones. They do not even have the decency of lowering their voice or go out in a private place.

  • Ooof my ears!

Ah! One thing that annoys me totally! People shouting on their mobile phones. Ok! the person is far from you but if you are not aware, there is an amplifier which is there to ensure that the person on the other end can hear you perfectly well.

  • Keep your private matters to yourself

Ever been sitting in a restaurant, and someone nearby is talking about some “delicate” stuffs and you can hear their every word distinctly? I wonder if they ain’t doing that on purpose! Not everyone needs to know the details of your life!

  • Give more importance to the person in front of you than the one who is calling

That is one good point I remember from that guy’s post that got me thinking. Many times I have done that myself and others have done it to me. You are in the middle of an interesting conversation with a friend, your friend’s mobile rings and he/she answers and you are left standing/sitting there. Ain’t that annoying? I have not realised it, but I always go “grrr” when that happens to me. But then, it feels like, “it is normal that he/she answers the phone” and I get over the “grrr”.

Who said that is the “normal” thing?! They could pick it up, but they can as well say “talk to you later”, of course as long as it is not an emergency. You will agree with me however that, most of the times, it is for trivial matters. From now on, I refrain from doing that and when it happens to me, I just up and leave. I am in front of your face, I deserve your attention more than the person on the other end. 😉

Thing is, we have become so very dependent on that little device. Some people I know cannot imagine their day without their mobile phones tucked safely in their pocket. Try leaving yours at home one day and see how many times you think of it!

Guess we should all learn to switch our phones off once in a while. I, for one, know that the world will not stop moving if my mobile went dead for an hour or two. 🙂