Money Money Money

One thing that no working person complains about is obtaining *Money*…ohk! so maybe they complain about the amount they earn..but every one has a nice smile at the end of the month…thinking about how their bank account has grown a little fatter. 😉

For five months now, I have had the pleasure of wearing that nice smile at the end of each month. 😉 and you must be thinking that my bank account must be fairly plump…but alas, this is not the case. And it is all my fault. I just do not *Save*…as soon as I find something I like (and I do loads of shopping), I just buy it…No control at all…

So now I am thinking to myself: Enough!!! It is high time I learn to control the way I spend my money. So here are some tips that can help one save:

1. Have two bank accounts.

One account for expenditures and the other one for savings. It is important though, not to have an ATM card for the savings account. Otherwise, you will be tempted to draw money out of that account too. And that will not be good…:P

2. Have a budget

Try to think about the average amount of money you spend monthly on basic necessities and put some notes in for some leisure. (Cinema tickets, Innocent Shopping…etc)

3. Think Twice, and even more, Before Purchasing

That is where I fail, I do not always think twice! But in order to save, I have to start now. I will have to really think hard about whether I really really NEED that *thing* that I really really WANT?

4. Set saving goals

Car? MSc Course? House? Piece of land? laptop? *any of your dreams that cost money*

I will stop here. For a start, I think it is ok!

If any one of you has other tips to save money, drop them by! 😛

^^^Happy Saving^^^

PMs on MSN

Ok! It is way past my bed time and I really should be sleeping, but I do not feel like it! and it has been a while since I wanted to write about this! *Personal Messages on MSN*

People write personal messages about everything these days! Their emotions, their ups and downs, to swear at friends, family and foes, to comment on their day, on the weather, on politics etc etc etc…and mostly, to *plagiarise*! big time! 😛 lyrics from songs, poems, popular sayings, not so popular ones etc etc etc! (This is all me… 😛 )

Where it gets interesting is when one of your contacts makes a comment about your personal message… or if they reply to your perso on their own space! Suppose you have had a bad day or just broken up or your boss has reprimanded you at work. You put it up on your PM. In your own angry/sad words. Your contacts come up and ask about it…and either of two things can happen:

1. You pour your heart out…

2. You just do not want to talk about it and, in addition, you are rude!

Oh well, maybe not just those two things, but generally that is what happens. If it is [1], I have nothing against it. If it is [2], then buster! JUST DO NOT PUT IT UP THERE!!!!

Personal messages on MSN ain’t personal! It is just something personal you want everybody to know! ‘Cause it is there on DISPLAY…for EVERYBODY to SEE!!! So if you are heartbroken, you have had a bad day, your bf/gf has left you, you are so fed up with life, you are so happy, you are a millionaire, you have found your one true love and YOU DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, then do not put it where everybody will get to know!

*Curiosity* is natural for human beings…and curiosity about fellow human beings are even stronger! 😉 So people are bound to ask questions! Either you bear with it or….i do not want to repeat my myself!

And point to note, we all misuse that little space MSN offers. 🙂

A personal message is something YOU want to convey to OTHERS.