People will always talk

We have all been victims of gossip and of course guilty of gossiping.  

Basically, gossiping is nothing ‘that’ wrong. By definition it is just idle talk about someone else’s private life. Harm is caused i believe when it is done maliciously, which could include backbiting or betraying someone’s trust while doing so. 

What actually brings me to talk about this topic here is Facebook. We are all aware of this great online community, where everybody is aware of everybody else’s business! Who is in a relationship with whom, who just broke up and who did what and when, who is friends with whom, the list goes on and on. 

Facebook and the applications of the like have given another flair to gossiping. It spices it a bit more and brings the element of ‘proof’ in the matter. ‘You don’t believe me? Check on Facebook and see for yourself!’ 😛

But again, like I mentioned once in my post on ‘PMs on MSN’, someone does not like it when you comment on what they have written or what they have done! My opinion on the matter has evolved some. Sometimes people will write with the intention of just informing others on their network what they have been up to and how they are feeling. However, this does not mean that our opinions are wanted! Know it but Shut it! 😛 Alas though! it is quite impossible to ask people to shut it! Everyone will always have an opinion and will always talk. Either they will comment to you directly or they will gossip about you! :p My advice remains the same in this context. You have to put up with it. If you can’t, do not publish your life on a public network such as Facebook. 

On the other hand, backbiting is very different from gossiping. The difference has to be made. Some people just like to talk bad about other people and spreading it world-wide! :@ If you can recognise such peeps, just stay away from them. But then again, if you have nothing to hide… 😀

Bottom line, people will always talk…you just have to be aware of what you say and to whom you say it and specially where you are giving information about yourself…

“People make and break your reputation…”