How Important is your face?

Ok! All girls are worried (and some guys too) when they get pimples, acne or blackheads on their pretty face. Why are we all so ‘face-conscious’? Why is it so important? 

It is said that the face is the first thing someone will look at when they see/meet you. I believe that. Everybody, whether consciously or sub-consciously, wants to ‘connect’ to the other person. In that respect, our eyes and lips are the two most important parts of our face that contribute to our whole facial expression, designed in a way to acknowledge someone (e.g when you smile) , to shut them out (hard set eyes)  or show complete indifference (total blank expression) . 

Also, we can get a ‘feel’  of a person by looking at them. What I mean is that, more often than not, someone’s face reflects their mood. For example, if we have a certain touchy subject to discuss over with someone, we will try to read their face to decide whether it is the right time to bring the subject up. Right? 🙂

In addition to that, some people make a living because, hmm, they have got the ‘right’ face! 😛 Actors, actresses, models and also people in the customer service sector must have the ‘right’ face to do the job properly. And yeah, loads of money they make!

Moreover, very often we set someone’s level of beauty by judging their face’s structure. I am not trying to be shallow here. Where the physical aspect of beauty is concerned, that is what we do. Haven’t you notice that when you want to express how pretty or handsome you find someone, you describe how their eyes are set, how big their nose is, how full their lips are or how rosy their cheeks are? 😛

Our face plays a crucial role during job interviews too! One of the things employers look for is trustworthiness in an employee. I remember when I went for the interview of my current job. She had a way of boring her eyes into mine. Probably to see if I would flinch or not. After each of her questions, she would just ‘look’ at me in that particular way. Ew. Scary. And she did the same to the other interviewees. 

From what said above, I believe that taking care of our face is very important. I find no reason to think lowly of somebody who is using special treatment cream or special products to ‘look’ better. Make-up when applied *correctly* can enhance the face’s features. Everyone has got a feature that stands out. 😉 Ofcourse, there are those who are prone to narcism. But that is a matter all of its own. 

Bottom line, your face is important. Know how to take care of it.

***To feel good is to look good. To look good is to feel good. ***

Black is the Colour

Black. It ranks second in my list of favorite colors. And just this morning, I realised just how many things I have which are black. Perhaps also, I have come to take that color for granted. It has a way of complementing everything else 😛 So anytime I want to wear my favorite black jeans, it is absolutely not difficult at all to find a top that will match. So much so, that sometimes, when I’m in a hurry or just can’t figure out what to wear, I would automatically reach for something black. 

Black always looks good, and on everyone, no matter how fair or how dark your skin is! and what’s best, it suits all sorts of occasions: casual dinner out with friends, black tie parties, weddings, etc…

Also, for me, black has a quiet way of conveying elegance and sophistication…and a little bit of mystery, especially for guys! 😛 *Ew Ew*

Colors I like to match with black: 

Black + Red = Totally Awesome 

Black + Green = Ultimate Sophistication

Black + Yellow = Lively and Warm

Black + Orange = The Halloween Look  

Black + Brown  = Subdued

As a little note, I hate matching black with blue! *eyesore* Apart from that, the above are my favorites! 😛

Oh, and I just *love* black shoes! 😉

You Don’t Pay

It really annoyed me this morning that I had to stand in the bus. Approximately 30% of the seats were occupied with those kids in uniforms and those with the red bus pass! There is only one bus line that travel from Port-Louis to Rose-Hill, passing through Reduit (where the University of Mauritius is situated) and Ebene (that is where I work) and there are so many *working* people who take that bus. Also, one bus is scheduled every thirty minutes.

Now, what’s really annoying is that, since I am not a student and not an old person (yet, atleast), I have to pay Rs 23 for a ticket from Plouis to Ebene and *stand* for like 45 minutes in that bus with my laptop and handbag, when those who do NOT pay are sitting comfortably, with their earphones plugged in or sleeping! Just how fair is that?! *Disgusted*  Oh, what’s worse is that there are some who did not even get a standing place. They have to wait another thirty minutes and consequently be late to the office.

Those kids have a variety of bus lines to choose from to either go to school in Rose-Hill or to go to Reduit! So why can’t they leave the Ebene bus for us who actually depend on it to go to work? They should simply be *banned* from taking that particular bus! 

I strongly believe that the Authority (the NTA maybe? *yawn*) can do something about that. I am going to assume they are not aware of this issue. 🙂 I am also thinking of contacting Radio Plus “Explique Ou Cas”…maybe, just maybe, something can be done about this.

Days of the Week – In My World

Don’t worry, there are still seven days in one week, In My World… 😛 

Monday: I love Mondays! This is the beginning of the week and everything feels fresh. I feel fresh! 😛 I’m ready to tackle new stuffs. It also feels good to get back at the office. 🙂 I always have a good day, on Mondays.

Tuesday: I don’t like Tuesdays. It is the most boring day of the whole week! I usually have nothing to do at all. Even at the office, there is nothing much to do. This is a day that just drags on! *duh*

Wednesday: Wednesdays are awesome! the busiest day! It seems like the French people have more problems on Wednesdays (my client is French), and hence more work! 😛 So no time to lose, just the way I like it. At the end of the day, I am damn tired. Just the way I like it! 😛

Thursdays: Thursdays are normal days. I mean, it is just a day that goes by. Nothing extraordinary ever happens on Wednesdays. Where work is concerned, most probably, I’ll be finishing Wednesdays’ workload. But I am not bored, which is a good thing. 

Fridays: Who does *not* like Fridays? <Big Grin> Everybody is relaxed and waiting impatiently for the weekend! and also, <whisper> we take a longer lunch at the office! </whisper> 😛 

Saturdays: Ah! My Favorite Day of the Week! This is the perfect perfect day for shopping! Especially shopping in Port-Louis! I love the crowd! 😀 Long lunch with the girls! Gossiping on the menu, of course! 😀 In the afternoon, I’ll be catching up with my TV shows. Dinner out with Family. Or we just order something. My mum does not cook on Saturdays. 😛 Also, Saturdays are made to stay up till late! 😀

Sundays: Sundays have become my ZzzZzz days! I used to really really hate Sundays when I was at Uni. Now that I work, I realise its value! *hehe* I wake up after Noon. I have lunch. I shower. I take another long nap. Then some relaxing music. Then go to bed early. Since the next day is Monday. 🙂


And so, on and on it goes. 🙂


***Have a great weekend bloggers***


The Toothbrush

The toothbrush. Such an important and useful *tool* that we use everyday. Which we take for granted, of course! 🙂

The toothbrush has not always existed as we know it. Obviously. 

It originated with the toothstick. Toothsticks have been found in well preserved Egyptians tombs. That was over 5000 years ago. Even before that, it has been found that the Mesopotamians wrote of the ‘siwak’ (another version of the basic toothstick).  The toothsticks of those times were made from “porcupine quills, bird feathers, or wooden thorns.”  To this day, in the middle east, people still use the toothsticks to clean their mouth. 

After the toothstick, comes the first toothbrush. The first toothbrush has been invented by William Addis of Clerkenwall, England. It came from the practice of using rags or sponges, dripped in sulphur oil or salt solution to clean the teeth. However, when doing so, the teeth were simply being ‘mopped’ and not brushed! 😛 Hence Addis had the great idea of attaching ” hairs from the tail of a cow to the end of a whittled thighbone from the same animal, which was reportedly the only bone strong enough to survive the bristle-attachment procedure and still maintain its strength when wet.” 

During the world war I, bones became a high demand in the food market and hence causing a shortage for the toothbrush market. A new material for the handle had to be found. Celluloid was the answer. A new way of attaching the bristles was also developped in the 1920’s: “drilling holes into the brush head, forcing in bunches of bristles, and securing them with a staple…” 

Nylon bristles  later on became a good replacement to boar’s hairs or hairs from cow tails. 

From then, we have the modern toothbrush. Oh, the brands, the styles and the colors are endless! Each manufacturer stresses the quality of their toothbrush. Some are good. Some just ain’t!

By the way, it is very important to choose a good and effective toothbrush…atleast for those who are *orally conscious* 😀

The state of our Buses – A shame

Taking the bus  is the most common way of travelling in Mauritius. Bus stations and stops are swarmed with people every morning.

It is such a shame then that to see the state of those same buses. It is almost pathetic and sad. I have some particular lines of buses in mind when I am saying that. You just have to look at the window sill. Algae, dark brown *scary* stuffs aligning the borders…the glass is all dirty and *oily*. The seats are dirty and torn. The iron bar of the seats are all rusted and can dirty your clothes, if you happen to rub with them (imagine that when you have to go the office in the morning with a rusty mark on your white blouse or shirt!). Ah, don’t even think of looking down at your feet. Litter everywhere. Cockroaches having free rides. It makes you wonder when was the last time someone cleaned, or washed. 

What I want to say is that,  how buses, being something that people use more than once everyday can be so dirty and unhealthy? Isn’t there some control? checks? If there is some kind of institution (the NTA maybe?) responsible for that, I wonder what kind of job they are doing! Ok, people must not throw things away in buses, but that is about good manners, which is a matter all of its own. Even then, what about the algae? Noone placed them there. They have grown there, which resulted from a lack of maintenance! Yuck! 

Don’t tell me that it costs loads! Those bus companies make loads and loads of money EVERYDAY! I really do not know what it will take to make them notice these stuffs and contribute, if only a little, to public health.

And to top it all, we are paying for that service…we are paying to travel with cockroaches! 

In addition to being dirty, some buses go slower than snails! and the noise they make! This too shows a lack of maintenance! Big time! If you are outside, and they pass by, you get lost in that dark smoke they engulf you in! Imagine driving behind such buses! *shake head*

I can go on and on about the pitiful state of the buses here in Mauritius. I admit that some companies have made an effort of introducing good buses but still, where maintenance is concerned, a lot is left to be done. 

One can always try and complain to the bodies in charge of these stuffs. But will they answer? one year later, if ever…


So yesterday I was having this interesting conversation with a friend concerning chocolate. It tops my list of favorite food! 😛 I know for many people it is the same…after being a shopaholic, I am also a chocolate lover (not to say chocoholic, that would be too much 😉 ) 

Despite being so well loved and appreciated, I wonder why chocolate has a ‘bad reputation’ where health is concerned. I remember reading on a site about dieting that chocolate is one of the food containing most calories…duh duh…Chocoholics are *afraid* to indulge in their craving, worrying a lot about losing weight, acne, rotting teeth and other *myths* associated with chocolate. 

I googled a bit to find more about the good sides of chocolate. How can a food that provide so much pleasure and comfort can be *that* harmful to us? Well it is not! atleast not completely 😛

Scientists have found that chocolate consists of  ” a neurotransmitter, serotonin, that acts as an anti-depressant. Other substances, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, have a stimulating effect. ”  However, they have been unable to explain why and how the other three hundred chemicals (no wonder you are a chocoholic, uh?) found in chocs make us feel so good. Also, chocs are believed to contain ” a number of nutrients. High in potassium and magnesium, chocolate also provides us with several vitamins – including B1, B2, D, and E.”  😀

What about the harmful effects associated with chocolate? Okay, so no one is going to say that chocolate is the best diet food around! However, as researches have proved, the average chocolate bar contains “approximately 250 calories”. That’s not too much, isn’t it?! Even dieters can enjoy one occasionally! In fact, is it said that “indulging your chocolate craving from time to time can help prevent the bingeing that is a dieter’s worst enemy.” (Bingeing is any act of immoderate indulgence).

What I have furthermore found from my reading is that chocolate will not contribute in making your acne worse, neither does it make your teeth rot! 

So go chocolate lovers! Enjoy that yummy cadbury, or that delicious cote d’or or have a break and have a kit kat! It is any way you want it, as long as it is chocolate! 😛

PS: Don’t come and blame me if you cannot fit in your jeans anymore! 😛 Too much of something is *never* good! So find your balance! 😉

Why do women love to shop?

Yes! Another post on shopping! 😛

What can I do?! I love shopping so much! I woke up with the feeling that today is a perfect day for shopping! But I am promising myself that I will not spend too much! 😛

So yeah, shopping! Many women, if not all, enjoy the process of shopping! I, for one, absolutely totally love it! but….why? why do I love it so? What is it with shopping that is so fulfilling and enjoyable? Can it be part of my genetic make-up? Of course, I googled to find out… 😛

Indeed, some researches have shown that women shop to ‘satisfy a basic and natural instinct and need to gather’ .  Also, bargaining, which every woman does when shopping, add a certain flair to shopping! Come on, imagine you have little cash on you and you really want that blouse you have just seen but it costs more than you can afford! Your bargaining instinct kicks in and in the end, the blouse is in the bag! Gosh, the feeling of satisfaction is just undescribable! 😛 Isn’t it ladies? 😉

Hmm, what about guys, huh? Well, according to the same researches, men are considered ‘hunters’. Tsk Tsk… This is what is said: 

“Men tend to adopt a more ‘smash and grab’ approach to the High Street compared to women who display more sophisticated shopping behaviour. ” 

The quote is self-explanatory. I do not need to comment on that! 😛

Futhermore, I believe that every woman has her own variety of reasons to shop. As for me, I shop because it is fun, to unwind, just to have something else to think about when i have a lot on my mind and etc etc! 😀

So today I am going to shop. 😀 and have a really good time doing it. and yeah, Port-Louis is the best place to shop in Mauritius! yaay!! I know some people who will agree with me!! hihihi!!!


Some fabulous mangas I have come across! 😛 and i absolutely love them!!!

Here is the list (in order of preference):

1. Vampire Knight

2. Tsubasa Chronicles

3. Fruits Basket

4. Naruto

5. Bleach

6. Itazura Na kiss

7. Earl and Fairy

8. Pretear

9. Ayashi No Ceres

10. The Tale of Saiunkoku (not yet completed)

11. Kaze No Stigma (not yet completed)

12. Ouran High School Host Club

13. I love my younger sister (yeah, it is kind of twisted…but I liked it)

14. Special A

15. Clannad

16. Clannad After Story

17. Skip Beat

18. Myself;Yourself

19. School Days

20. Princess Lover

21. Shugo Chara

If you read mangas and watch animes that you ofcourse find wonderful, please leave me a message here…currently looking for some new ones! :p