Why do women love to shop?

Yes! Another post on shopping! 😛

What can I do?! I love shopping so much! I woke up with the feeling that today is a perfect day for shopping! But I am promising myself that I will not spend too much! 😛

So yeah, shopping! Many women, if not all, enjoy the process of shopping! I, for one, absolutely totally love it! but….why? why do I love it so? What is it with shopping that is so fulfilling and enjoyable? Can it be part of my genetic make-up? Of course, I googled to find out… 😛

Indeed, some researches have shown that women shop to ‘satisfy a basic and natural instinct and need to gather’ .  Also, bargaining, which every woman does when shopping, add a certain flair to shopping! Come on, imagine you have little cash on you and you really want that blouse you have just seen but it costs more than you can afford! Your bargaining instinct kicks in and in the end, the blouse is in the bag! Gosh, the feeling of satisfaction is just undescribable! 😛 Isn’t it ladies? 😉

Hmm, what about guys, huh? Well, according to the same researches, men are considered ‘hunters’. Tsk Tsk… This is what is said: 

“Men tend to adopt a more ‘smash and grab’ approach to the High Street compared to women who display more sophisticated shopping behaviour. ” 

The quote is self-explanatory. I do not need to comment on that! 😛

Futhermore, I believe that every woman has her own variety of reasons to shop. As for me, I shop because it is fun, to unwind, just to have something else to think about when i have a lot on my mind and etc etc! 😀

So today I am going to shop. 😀 and have a really good time doing it. and yeah, Port-Louis is the best place to shop in Mauritius! yaay!! I know some people who will agree with me!! hihihi!!!