So yesterday I was having this interesting conversation with a friend concerning chocolate. It tops my list of favorite food! 😛 I know for many people it is the same…after being a shopaholic, I am also a chocolate lover (not to say chocoholic, that would be too much 😉 ) 

Despite being so well loved and appreciated, I wonder why chocolate has a ‘bad reputation’ where health is concerned. I remember reading on a site about dieting that chocolate is one of the food containing most calories…duh duh…Chocoholics are *afraid* to indulge in their craving, worrying a lot about losing weight, acne, rotting teeth and other *myths* associated with chocolate. 

I googled a bit to find more about the good sides of chocolate. How can a food that provide so much pleasure and comfort can be *that* harmful to us? Well it is not! atleast not completely 😛

Scientists have found that chocolate consists of  ” a neurotransmitter, serotonin, that acts as an anti-depressant. Other substances, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, have a stimulating effect. ”  However, they have been unable to explain why and how the other three hundred chemicals (no wonder you are a chocoholic, uh?) found in chocs make us feel so good. Also, chocs are believed to contain ” a number of nutrients. High in potassium and magnesium, chocolate also provides us with several vitamins – including B1, B2, D, and E.”  😀

What about the harmful effects associated with chocolate? Okay, so no one is going to say that chocolate is the best diet food around! However, as researches have proved, the average chocolate bar contains “approximately 250 calories”. That’s not too much, isn’t it?! Even dieters can enjoy one occasionally! In fact, is it said that “indulging your chocolate craving from time to time can help prevent the bingeing that is a dieter’s worst enemy.” (Bingeing is any act of immoderate indulgence).

What I have furthermore found from my reading is that chocolate will not contribute in making your acne worse, neither does it make your teeth rot! 

So go chocolate lovers! Enjoy that yummy cadbury, or that delicious cote d’or or have a break and have a kit kat! It is any way you want it, as long as it is chocolate! 😛

PS: Don’t come and blame me if you cannot fit in your jeans anymore! 😛 Too much of something is *never* good! So find your balance! 😉