The state of our Buses – A shame

Taking the bus  is the most common way of travelling in Mauritius. Bus stations and stops are swarmed with people every morning.

It is such a shame then that to see the state of those same buses. It is almost pathetic and sad. I have some particular lines of buses in mind when I am saying that. You just have to look at the window sill. Algae, dark brown *scary* stuffs aligning the borders…the glass is all dirty and *oily*. The seats are dirty and torn. The iron bar of the seats are all rusted and can dirty your clothes, if you happen to rub with them (imagine that when you have to go the office in the morning with a rusty mark on your white blouse or shirt!). Ah, don’t even think of looking down at your feet. Litter everywhere. Cockroaches having free rides. It makes you wonder when was the last time someone cleaned, or washed. 

What I want to say is that,  how buses, being something that people use more than once everyday can be so dirty and unhealthy? Isn’t there some control? checks? If there is some kind of institution (the NTA maybe?) responsible for that, I wonder what kind of job they are doing! Ok, people must not throw things away in buses, but that is about good manners, which is a matter all of its own. Even then, what about the algae? Noone placed them there. They have grown there, which resulted from a lack of maintenance! Yuck! 

Don’t tell me that it costs loads! Those bus companies make loads and loads of money EVERYDAY! I really do not know what it will take to make them notice these stuffs and contribute, if only a little, to public health.

And to top it all, we are paying for that service…we are paying to travel with cockroaches! 

In addition to being dirty, some buses go slower than snails! and the noise they make! This too shows a lack of maintenance! Big time! If you are outside, and they pass by, you get lost in that dark smoke they engulf you in! Imagine driving behind such buses! *shake head*

I can go on and on about the pitiful state of the buses here in Mauritius. I admit that some companies have made an effort of introducing good buses but still, where maintenance is concerned, a lot is left to be done. 

One can always try and complain to the bodies in charge of these stuffs. But will they answer? one year later, if ever…