Days of the Week – In My World

Don’t worry, there are still seven days in one week, In My World… 😛 

Monday: I love Mondays! This is the beginning of the week and everything feels fresh. I feel fresh! 😛 I’m ready to tackle new stuffs. It also feels good to get back at the office. 🙂 I always have a good day, on Mondays.

Tuesday: I don’t like Tuesdays. It is the most boring day of the whole week! I usually have nothing to do at all. Even at the office, there is nothing much to do. This is a day that just drags on! *duh*

Wednesday: Wednesdays are awesome! the busiest day! It seems like the French people have more problems on Wednesdays (my client is French), and hence more work! 😛 So no time to lose, just the way I like it. At the end of the day, I am damn tired. Just the way I like it! 😛

Thursdays: Thursdays are normal days. I mean, it is just a day that goes by. Nothing extraordinary ever happens on Wednesdays. Where work is concerned, most probably, I’ll be finishing Wednesdays’ workload. But I am not bored, which is a good thing. 

Fridays: Who does *not* like Fridays? <Big Grin> Everybody is relaxed and waiting impatiently for the weekend! and also, <whisper> we take a longer lunch at the office! </whisper> 😛 

Saturdays: Ah! My Favorite Day of the Week! This is the perfect perfect day for shopping! Especially shopping in Port-Louis! I love the crowd! 😀 Long lunch with the girls! Gossiping on the menu, of course! 😀 In the afternoon, I’ll be catching up with my TV shows. Dinner out with Family. Or we just order something. My mum does not cook on Saturdays. 😛 Also, Saturdays are made to stay up till late! 😀

Sundays: Sundays have become my ZzzZzz days! I used to really really hate Sundays when I was at Uni. Now that I work, I realise its value! *hehe* I wake up after Noon. I have lunch. I shower. I take another long nap. Then some relaxing music. Then go to bed early. Since the next day is Monday. 🙂


And so, on and on it goes. 🙂


***Have a great weekend bloggers***


5 thoughts on “Days of the Week – In My World

  1. @ yashvin: seems like you are laughing at me! :$ lol I just wanted to, hmmm, give an illustration, from my point of view, of the days of the week…hehe…but to answer your question, it is May…:P no surprise there!

    @ dhiraj: In my world, things are different, uh? 😛

  2. @aniisah : Not at all dear!

    In my world, things are different, uh?
    Nice phrase, you should write this somewhere here in big!

    ps : enfin wi, ti p rode prend nissa 😛

  3. Let’s see… I agree on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sats and Sundays! OMG, you like Mondays so much? *eyes wide open*
    I always have Mondays blues… as from Sunday night! lol

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