You Don’t Pay

It really annoyed me this morning that I had to stand in the bus. Approximately 30% of the seats were occupied with those kids in uniforms and those with the red bus pass! There is only one bus line that travel from Port-Louis to Rose-Hill, passing through Reduit (where the University of Mauritius is situated) and Ebene (that is where I work) and there are so many *working* people who take that bus. Also, one bus is scheduled every thirty minutes.

Now, what’s really annoying is that, since I am not a student and not an old person (yet, atleast), I have to pay Rs 23 for a ticket from Plouis to Ebene and *stand* for like 45 minutes in that bus with my laptop and handbag, when those who do NOT pay are sitting comfortably, with their earphones plugged in or sleeping! Just how fair is that?! *Disgusted* Β Oh, what’s worse is that there are some who did not even get a standing place. They have to wait another thirty minutes and consequently be late to the office.

Those kids have a variety of bus lines to choose from to either go to school in Rose-Hill or to go to Reduit! So why can’t they leave the Ebene bus for us who actually depend on it to go to work? They should simply be *banned* from taking that particular bus!Β 

I strongly believe that the Authority (the NTA maybe? *yawn*) can do something about that. I am going to assume they are not aware of this issue. πŸ™‚ I am also thinking of contacting Radio Plus “Explique Ou Cas”…maybe, just maybe, something can be done about this.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Pay

  1. Ki sana ti dir ou vot l’Alliance Socilae πŸ˜› hahahahahhahahaha promesse electorale = promesse electorale πŸ™‚ bizin respecter πŸ˜›

  2. It is not that I am against free transport for the students….it really helps if the financial situation of their family ain’t that good. What I wish is that they should be given specific buses, which actually many colleges already have! So why don’t they take their buses? Even if they do miss it, they can always take another bus….I understand that air-con buses are highly *attractive* but you cannot enjoy privileges like that for free, when others are paying…

    Some kind of control must be put in force…

  3. This is commonly called “Faire porte manteaux dan bis”.

    @Bruno : Sorry, we are not talking about politics here.
    One of the main issues in mauritius is that people relate politics to everything. Just to remind you, even the 2nd most powerful party proposed free transport.

    Here are my points :

    1. Have special buses.

    2. Have the free transport only during specific hours (but this must be done with collaboration of the educational institutions.

    3. Free transport to elderly people must be made valid only during off peak time. Why would an elderly person need to go to port louis at 830am everyday ? (with all my due respect to them).

    4. Why are there bus schools to college X when students of college X take the normal bus? and you as a normal people, you can’t take school bus? What’s the logic?

    Unfortunately, the authorities do not consider this as a priority.
    On one hand, some students claim that buses dont stop to take them, and on the other hand, we as normal citizens, we can’t take buses because students have already taken all the places!

  4. I totally agree with you! that’s why I say there should be some kind of control. They just introduced Free Transport without a managing system behind. Typically Mauritius, uh?

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