Black is the Colour

Black. It ranks second in my list of favorite colors. And just this morning, I realised just how many things I have which are black. Perhaps also, I have come to take that color for granted. It has a way of complementing everything else 😛 So anytime I want to wear my favorite black jeans, it is absolutely not difficult at all to find a top that will match. So much so, that sometimes, when I’m in a hurry or just can’t figure out what to wear, I would automatically reach for something black. 

Black always looks good, and on everyone, no matter how fair or how dark your skin is! and what’s best, it suits all sorts of occasions: casual dinner out with friends, black tie parties, weddings, etc…

Also, for me, black has a quiet way of conveying elegance and sophistication…and a little bit of mystery, especially for guys! 😛 *Ew Ew*

Colors I like to match with black: 

Black + Red = Totally Awesome 

Black + Green = Ultimate Sophistication

Black + Yellow = Lively and Warm

Black + Orange = The Halloween Look  

Black + Brown  = Subdued

As a little note, I hate matching black with blue! *eyesore* Apart from that, the above are my favorites! 😛

Oh, and I just *love* black shoes! 😉