Football in Mauritius

Mauritians are as passionate about football as they are about politics. Football is famous from the old people to the youngest, from boys to girls! Everybody has a word to say about their favorite team. Everybody is so fervent when there is a hot match coming up!

All that is good and highly enjoyable.

However, there is one thing I find kind of sad. All this excitement is geared towards foreign countries’ football teams! I really wished that we can get so full and heated up about teams in our own country. To go to the stadiums to watch a live football match. To have that same spirit rising in the crowd. People wearing their teams’ colors to show support! To cry and shout, to jump with joy when your team scores, to get angry and dissapointed when you lose! To have skilled and remarkable players! To have a national league worth following! 

Wouldn’t that be just awesome? *sigh*

I really cannot understand why we cannot have this here! The Government invests enough in Sports, doesn’t it? Or is it just that Mauritians ain’t good football players? I don’t want to believe that! 😦 

And yeah, Go ManU!!!! 😀