Time Heals?

Does time heal all wounds? I mean those emotional wounds, the ones that leave us feeling so down, so bruised and out of ourselves? those wounds we think we can never heal from? but then one day, you wake up and you realise that you are okay? that gradually, things have started to look up again?

How does it happen? Do the wounds really heal?

I think there is another way to look at it. Time does not really cure the pain. Time only has a way of making you move forward. It is impossible for us, mere humans, to turn back time. What has happened, has. No way for anyone of us to change it. What we can only do is either make it better or worse. We can only affect our future. A future we cannot be certain of, full of mysteries and even the best laid plans sometimes end up quite differently from what we expect. Time, from its nature shows us what it has in store for us. We’ve been hurt, we feel all sort of bad things. But somehow, time will make it good again. It does not erase the pain, but it gives you the opportunity to make it stop. As time goes on, you discover new things. You meet new people, who can alter your life in ways you never imagined. Time allows you to do things you never thought you could or would do. Time gives us the future. Time is also the past of course. But only in terms of memories. Unchangeable. Memories on which you can reflect so as not to do the same mistakes again, so that you can be better and not bring harm to yourself. 

We also categorise memories as good and bad ones. Don’t you still feel the pain when you think back on those instances when you’ve been hurt or something bad happened to you? If you are healed, why is the pain still there? why do the tears still threaten to spill? why does this big lump still form in your throat? 

So no, time does not heal. It just drives you forward. To live. To be. Despite Everything.

***On n’oublie jamais rien. On vit avec.***

6 thoughts on “Time Heals?

  1. No. Maybe scratches, on the surface wounds heal. but the ones that go to the core of your being, they don’t heal. It takes just a moment, a face or anything to bring all the pain back. If with time you’ve really healed, that moment or that face should only make you remember, you may shiver from the memory and that’s it. But it does not happen that way. You ‘Feel’ it all over again. You ain’t healed.

  2. …yeah! On second thought…it does not. We just think it does heal to make ourselves feel better and move on. But as you said, when memory or anything flashes back, it hurts the same!

  3. nice post

    time is just a counting system – numbers with meaning attached to them. As you move away from those numbers the memory will slowly fade .But those wounds will never heal, they just become a part of you. On n’oublie jamais rien. On vit avec

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