I was watching ‘pride and prejudice’ just the other day and one thought has stayed with me ever since. As right now I have nothing to do, I just thought of sharing it with you…;)

Basically it is this: Gentlemen don’t exist anymore, at the very least, they are rare. I am not talking about the Jane Austen kind of gentleman. Those have disappeared from the surface of this earth a very long time ago.  But really, guys ain’t chivalrous, kind or ‘gentlemanly’ anymore.

How many guys still open the door for a lady? hold their hand when they are stepping out of a vehicle? hold a girl’s heavy laptop bag? pay for her drink? give his place up for her in the bus? or at least ask if she would like to sit? or small cute things like that? 

In my opinion, there is a big confusion on equality of rights and opportunities. Guys say girls asked for it: that women be treated the same as men. True, we do wish to be treated *fairly* but that does not mean we should forget the differences between us that make us who we are. You are men, and we are women. Different. But same. As humans. 🙂 

To come back on the gentleman thing, I think it is a big loss that society now does not possess  such men. In the rush rush of this new world… *Big Sigh*

I for one would have loved to see them be like those portrayed by Jane Austen. If only a little.