Happiness and Love

Happiness and love are not mutually exclusive! More often than not, people associate love with ultimate happiness. Why? why do they leave their happiness in someone else’s hands? Can’t we be happy all on our own?

Or is it just a flow that we all tend to follow, something we have come to believe despite ourselves?

The If-I-find-love-I-will-be-happy theory. 

I do admit that if you have been lucky enough to have found someone who loves/cares deeply for you, it adds flavor to your general happiness. 🙂 but then again, if you are lucky enough…

But, what if you ain’t that lucky? are you going to sulk your life away? Don’t! There is more to this life than the quest for true love. There is the real chance of being happy, for instance. 😉 If you open yourself up a little, you might find happiness in the smallest things around you (this may sound like a cliche, but it is absolutely true!). 

So I say, believe that you can be happy. All on your own. It depends entirely on you. 😀 

***You can lay your love on someone else, but not your happiness.***