My Birthday

In my world today, we are celebrating my birthday. 23 years ago, I came into this world kicking and screaming! 😛 

Throughout the path from that crying baby to a still growing woman, I wish to thank God for giving me a beautiful life and hope that He will continue to do so.

Then of course, my parents for their continous support and for simply being there for me. My mum specially for keeping me like a princess and my dad, whose actions speak much louder than his words. My thanks for my brothers too…the eldest, for always being my strongest support, the second for always being there to answer my questions, the third who I will always miss and the little one, for always nagging me! 😛

Warmest thanks to all those friends I have made during that time, from primary to university to work, who in one way or the other has contributed to my ‘life experiences’! 😛 love you all! 😀

Now I wish you all good things on this beautiful and special day!

Have fun!!!!!