A Greener Mauritius – Together (?)

On Monday I received a letter from the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) asking me if I would like to unsubscribe from the service that sends you those pile of papers containing my every six months transactions (bank statements). This has for goal to lessen the use of paper and hence contributing to less trees being cut down. And this in turn has for goal to help save the environment.

Also, there is a Zip-Fairy-Crest (detergents and washing powders) advert on the radio promoting the products as these now contain less phosphate. A doser comes with them so as to help you use the correct amount (no wastage). This too has for goal to help protect the environment.

Personally I believe that these initiatives have been late in coming but better late than never, right? If small stuffs like that can help, even if a little, to protect this world we have taken for granted for far too long, then we have to contribute to the efforts being made. All those small steps can transform into one huge step. 🙂

Mauritius is already green (Heaven on Earth). Let’s keep it that way. Together (!) 😉