Work and Relationships

It has been a year already that most of my friends and I have started working. A year since work has become a dominant part of our life, taking up most of our time, leaving nearly nothing for family and friends. 😦 Week-ends just ain’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to work. I enjoy its many advantages but there is this one downfall that I find very regrettable. Maintaining old friendships become hard. We have MSN, we have a mobile phone, but we just don’t have time! It does happen that we are free. But then we are tired and want to relax at home.

We do meet many other people when we work and we kind of build good relationships with them but, (yes but!) it is absolutely not the same. It is not the same as those we created with people with whom we have spent hours and hours. The connection is just not the same.

I know that things will keep moving forward, like they always do. I don’t exactly mind that. 🙂  I just wish that I had more time to be with my family and friends.

I miss the time when I used to have all the time in the world.