Little Dreams that Came True

Early this morning, a 15 year old me came to mind. Just like that I was remembering the things that I was wishing for back then. I used to picture myself going to the university and learning great stuffs (back then, it was a number of different fields but never IT 😉 ). I would learn how to drive and own a cool car. I would go to work everyday, well-dressed, in that car. My office would be a nice one with great colleagues. My work would be appreciated and hence I would be respected.

After all of these years, those small little day dreams have come true. I am where I was picturing myself to be. And maybe a little bit more. 🙂 What’s amazing is that I didn’t realise it on the way. All those little things came naturally, in its own time. 🙂

But am I now at a standstill? I can’t really picture the me that I would be in 5 years. Different pictures come to mind but I can’t seem to choose which one I want it to be and work my way to that.

Are the things that I want now so out of reach? Or am I in need of some spiritual guidance? What’s missing? *duh*

Guess I’ll just go back to dreaming little dreams of me…Hoping that those will come true too. 🙂