Modern or Traditional?

A while back, I wrote about how now I have to make up new pictures of where I’ll be in some five years. [Damn, because of the current flu pandemic, I don’t know if I have five years 😛 ]. Anyway, lately I’ve been wondering whether I’ll be more of a traditional mother or a modern mum.

Traditional Mother: the one who stays at home to look after the baby, cooks delicious meals everyday and does everything else.

Modern mum: the one who works, the one who doesn’t really have time to cook lavish meals everyday, the one who, in short, does not have much time. 😛

I know it is too early (is it, really? :P) to be taking decisions like that. There are many factors that are not present right now but which are bound to affect those decisions later. Anyhow, what I think at this moment is that I’d still wish to work. It is not because of the money. It is just part of who I am. My work is like some sort of justification of my skills. It shows what I can do, what I can achieve on a personal level. How do I give that up?

Still, deep inside, I want to be a traditional mother. I think it is so beautiful what they do. My own mother is like that. And somehow I wish I could be like her. *sigh* And specially, I so want not to ever say I don’t have time to do something for or with my family.

Well I guess I am right saying it is *too* early to take a final decision about the matter. But I can’t help but wonder. [I so don’t have a fixed picture of where I want to be in some years.]  I have yet to think about marriage. Which I really can’t. Can I skip that part? *-*

Anyway, I just hope that along the way to having and building my own little family [ow, that sounds cute!], I’ll find a way to reconcile the modern and the traditional women in me and enjoying the best of both worlds. 🙂

Conveying your opinion

Everyone has a right to have an opinion. Everyone has the right to voice out that opinion. But does everyone stop to think about the way and the words they will use when conveying that particular opinion?

The aim in sending a message to the people around you is to make your point clear and to show where you stand in a particular  situation. But most often than not, people don’t pause to think about how they are going to phrase that opinion so that their ‘audience’ will get them in the way intended.

Also, one other thing that I find really annoying is that when people express their *opinions*, they tend to be rude and adopt a ‘defy-me-if-you-dare’, or ‘I-am-always-right’ tone. Get real! Don’t think that when you are using a loud voice or specific words, your message will get through. I can understand frustration and exasperation when you have tried a number of times to get something through to someone and it is to no avail. Still, for me, it is not reason enough to stoop to a certain low level just to kick the message in. 😛 You have to learn to walk away and turn a deaf ear.

In addition to that, you have to consider in what medium you are before you start talking. Or writing for that matter.  We are humans. We live in something called a Society (be it a the live or virtual society). And there are rules and etiquettes to follow when living in one.

And don’t tell me ‘truths hurt and lies worse’. Being frank and honest does not mean being rude and aggressive. Always tell the truth, yes, but tell it *right*.

Eating Healthy Costs

Keeping healthy eating habits cost money. A lot. More people nowadays are aware of the vast advantages of including more veggies in our food. But really, those green stuffs are expensive!

I went for some green shopping at Ebene Way the other day and was amazed to find out that one lettuce costs Rs10, One pear Rs11, One kiwi Rs13, a handful of grapes at Rs35, one peach at Rs13. And people usually take more than one and on more than just one day. At the end of last week, I did a little maths and found that I spent a minimum of Rs300 just on fruits. In my opinion, that’s a lot and for just one person.

What about a whole family who likes a variety of fruits and vegs? [I can’t take mine as an example. Don’t ask why. -_-‘] I know the fruits are cheaper at *bazar* or *la foire* but they don’t vary significantly. I just know apples are *3 pou 10*. 😛 But you need more than just apples or pears or peaches. Different fruits bring different vitamins and minerals.

I think it is a long shot but still it would be nice if there could be some regulations on those prices. It will act as a good initiative to encourage people to consume more fruits and vegetables than junk food, which happen to cost less. [But as the saying goes, ‘Bon marcher coute cher’.] This way too, parents can include more than just apples in their kids’ lunch bag, salads can finally be an integral part of a mauritian meal. But like I said, it is quite unlikely that the authorities will do anything about it soon.

And yeah, I have a thing against apples.

Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian crossings are for pedestrians. Why can’t drivers grasp this concept, I don’t know.

Some time back, I was listening to R1. (I usually don’t listen to that crap but since I was not in my car, I could not say anything.) Anyway, on air this guy (I really don’t like him) was complaining about how he was stopped by a policewoman at a pedestrian crossing to let a woman pass. He was annoyed about the fact that there was only one person there and he had to stop. I was like totally shocked! Other listeners were calling and agreeing, yeah agreeing with his nonsense!

Last time I heard, pedestrian crossings were made for pedestrians. Drivers *have* to stop to let them pass. And that’s according to the law. I am pretty sure that it is not stipulated anywhere that there should be a minimum number of people at the cross to stop! And driving instructors always repeat to stop at pedestrians crossing when you go for your driving test. Otherwise, you could fail! Again, mine never mentioned that there should be a specific number of people waiting to cross.

Besides, those crossings are there for a reason. A very important one. It allows safe passage for pedestrians. I don’t see why drivers cannot be bothered to stop. It really does not ask for much effort. Just brake. Change gear. If you have an AT car, that’s easier! Just brake.

And that R1 guy, he was on air with many other drivers listening to him. And he was giving such a bad example! It is a shame really! There are people everyday (like the police)  pressing road users to pay great attention and be careful. R1 guy just ignored all that and did the contrary. But what to do, there are some who think they are above the law.

Bottom line, *pedestrian* crossings are for *pedestrians*. Respect that.

***A person’s life is more important that a fancy piece of machinery.***


The so awaited 24/7 ‘event’ has already come and gone. Port-Louis has been awake for three nights in a row. Shops, restaurants and other food outlets were open till past midnight. Live shows in different corners of the capital.
There is some kind of general agreement that it has been a success and the organisers are planning ahead for more such events. I agree with that too. It was a nice experience. Atleast now there is a move towards a more modern Mauritius. 🙂

Of course, as a first, we cannot expect things to be completely perfect. People complained about parking space and many shops did not participate in the event. And you could only window shop for most of those that were open. That was not very interesting. Hawkers benefited the most I think, be it where food or clothes are concerned.

One thing that I think  is important too. This three-day event accentuated the traffic problem that is faced in Port-Louis, especially around the Business Centre. The Government’s initiative to decrease congestion, for example, the Ring Road project should be supported fully. There are problems arising in that department but let’s believe that an appropriate solution can be found for them.

Coming back to the subject of this post, I would not mind having more nights like these. It can be a weekend every month. Gradually, the trend will be set and people will get more used to the idea. 🙂

Just imagine shopping 24/7! yaaay! 😀