The so awaited 24/7 ‘event’ has already come and gone. Port-Louis has been awake for three nights in a row. Shops, restaurants and other food outlets were open till past midnight. Live shows in different corners of the capital.
There is some kind of general agreement that it has been a success and the organisers are planning ahead for more such events. I agree with that too. It was a nice experience. Atleast now there is a move towards a more modern Mauritius. πŸ™‚

Of course, as a first, we cannot expect things to be completely perfect. People complained about parking space and many shops did not participate in the event. And you could only window shop for most of those that were open. That was not very interesting. Hawkers benefited the most I think, be it where food or clothes are concerned.

One thing that I think Β is important too. This three-day event accentuated the traffic problem that is faced in Port-Louis, especially around the Business Centre. The Government’s initiative to decrease congestion, for example, the Ring Road project should be supported fully. There are problems arising in that department but let’s believe that an appropriate solution can be found for them.

Coming back to the subject of this post, I would not mind having more nights like these. It can be a weekend every month. Gradually, the trend will be set and people will get more used to the idea. πŸ™‚

Just imagine shopping 24/7! yaaay! πŸ˜€