Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian crossings are for pedestrians. Why can’t drivers grasp this concept, I don’t know.

Some time back, I was listening to R1. (I usually don’t listen to that crap but since I was not in my car, I could not say anything.) Anyway, on air this guy (I really don’t like him) was complaining about how he was stopped by a policewoman at a pedestrian crossing to let a woman pass. He was annoyed about the fact that there was only one person there and he had to stop. I was like totally shocked! Other listeners were calling and agreeing, yeah agreeing with his nonsense!

Last time I heard, pedestrian crossings were made for pedestrians. Drivers *have* to stop to let them pass. And that’s according to the law. I am pretty sure that it is not stipulated anywhere that there should be a minimum number of people at the cross to stop! And driving instructors always repeat to stop at pedestrians crossing when you go for your driving test. Otherwise, you could fail! Again, mine never mentioned that there should be a specific number of people waiting to cross.

Besides, those crossings are there for a reason. A very important one. It allows safe passage for pedestrians. I don’t see why drivers cannot be bothered to stop. It really does not ask for much effort. Just brake. Change gear. If you have an AT car, that’s easier! Just brake.

And that R1 guy, he was on air with many other drivers listening to him. And he was giving such a bad example! It is a shame really! There are people everyday (like the police)  pressing road users to pay great attention and be careful. R1 guy just ignored all that and did the contrary. But what to do, there are some who think they are above the law.

Bottom line, *pedestrian* crossings are for *pedestrians*. Respect that.

***A person’s life is more important that a fancy piece of machinery.***