Eating Healthy Costs

Keeping healthy eating habits cost money. A lot. More people nowadays are aware of the vast advantages of including more veggies in our food. But really, those green stuffs are expensive!

I went for some green shopping at Ebene Way the other day and was amazed to find out that one lettuce costs Rs10, One pear Rs11, One kiwi Rs13, a handful of grapes at Rs35, one peach at Rs13. And people usually take more than one and on more than just one day. At the end of last week, I did a little maths and found that I spent a minimum of Rs300 just on fruits. In my opinion, that’s a lot and for just one person.

What about a whole family who likes a variety of fruits and vegs? [I can’t take mine as an example. Don’t ask why. -_-‘] I know the fruits are cheaper at *bazar* or *la foire* but they don’t vary significantly. I just know apples are *3 pou 10*. 😛 But you need more than just apples or pears or peaches. Different fruits bring different vitamins and minerals.

I think it is a long shot but still it would be nice if there could be some regulations on those prices. It will act as a good initiative to encourage people to consume more fruits and vegetables than junk food, which happen to cost less. [But as the saying goes, ‘Bon marcher coute cher’.] This way too, parents can include more than just apples in their kids’ lunch bag, salads can finally be an integral part of a mauritian meal. But like I said, it is quite unlikely that the authorities will do anything about it soon.

And yeah, I have a thing against apples.