Conveying your opinion

Everyone has a right to have an opinion. Everyone has the right to voice out that opinion. But does everyone stop to think about the way and the words they will use when conveying that particular opinion?

The aim in sending a message to the people around you is to make your point clear and to show where you stand in a particular  situation. But most often than not, people don’t pause to think about how they are going to phrase that opinion so that their ‘audience’ will get them in the way intended.

Also, one other thing that I find really annoying is that when people express their *opinions*, they tend to be rude and adopt a ‘defy-me-if-you-dare’, or ‘I-am-always-right’ tone. Get real! Don’t think that when you are using a loud voice or specific words, your message will get through. I can understand frustration and exasperation when you have tried a number of times to get something through to someone and it is to no avail. Still, for me, it is not reason enough to stoop to a certain low level just to kick the message in. 😛 You have to learn to walk away and turn a deaf ear.

In addition to that, you have to consider in what medium you are before you start talking. Or writing for that matter.  We are humans. We live in something called a Society (be it a the live or virtual society). And there are rules and etiquettes to follow when living in one.

And don’t tell me ‘truths hurt and lies worse’. Being frank and honest does not mean being rude and aggressive. Always tell the truth, yes, but tell it *right*.