Modern or Traditional?

A while back, I wrote about how now I have to make up new pictures of where I’ll be in some five years. [Damn, because of the current flu pandemic, I don’t know if I have five years 😛 ]. Anyway, lately I’ve been wondering whether I’ll be more of a traditional mother or a modern mum.

Traditional Mother: the one who stays at home to look after the baby, cooks delicious meals everyday and does everything else.

Modern mum: the one who works, the one who doesn’t really have time to cook lavish meals everyday, the one who, in short, does not have much time. 😛

I know it is too early (is it, really? :P) to be taking decisions like that. There are many factors that are not present right now but which are bound to affect those decisions later. Anyhow, what I think at this moment is that I’d still wish to work. It is not because of the money. It is just part of who I am. My work is like some sort of justification of my skills. It shows what I can do, what I can achieve on a personal level. How do I give that up?

Still, deep inside, I want to be a traditional mother. I think it is so beautiful what they do. My own mother is like that. And somehow I wish I could be like her. *sigh* And specially, I so want not to ever say I don’t have time to do something for or with my family.

Well I guess I am right saying it is *too* early to take a final decision about the matter. But I can’t help but wonder. [I so don’t have a fixed picture of where I want to be in some years.]  I have yet to think about marriage. Which I really can’t. Can I skip that part? *-*

Anyway, I just hope that along the way to having and building my own little family [ow, that sounds cute!], I’ll find a way to reconcile the modern and the traditional women in me and enjoying the best of both worlds. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Modern or Traditional?

  1. The answer: only the future will decide. My experience is: however good your plan is, life turns out to be unpredictable.
    But, being a modern mom does not necessarily imply being a bad mom. Whether you are a modern or traditional mom, I’m sure you want to be a good mom, and that’s the most important.

  2. I think you could always be both, try to find a balance between modern and traditional. My mother is like that, she’s always had time for both family and her work, and that is amazing…

  3. moodyboo says:

    I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to juggle both roles easily. From your posts I gather that you’re an energetic and strong woman with good values. You’ll make a good mum!

  4. Thank you for the nice and supportive comments.

    @ Bruno: I know that it is a mystery what life hold in store for us. But still I like to make a good *picture* and work my way there. 😛

    @ Nussaibah: I admire your mum, really! 🙂

    @ moodyboo: Thank you, I sure hope so too. 😀

  5. nice post… because somehow i find myself in your situation – so unsure of the future!

    wouldnt it be great if we could just skip the “finding a good guy and getting married part? 😛

  6. My mum works, also takes out time for her childern and her grandson, But I when I was back there with my parents, I always felt or I’d rather wished, she had more time for me.

    I feel sometimes a “not so good” meal also does a meal, but what if children need time and parents so often don’t have it.


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