Shopping at Pride Mark

Is it really a pride to shop at Pride Mark?

There was a shopping frenzy when it first opened earlier this year. There were long queues and every one wanted to grab something so that they can later on brag that the item comes from ‘Pride Mark’. 😀 Ah les Mauriciens!

Well, being the shopping addict that I am, of course I could not stay away! So I went there and I too was shocked by the number of people present. I didn’t buy anything on that day. I could not!

Anyway, I went again a couple of months later and the place was not as hectic but still many people were shopping. The stuffs are generally of good quality. At first I was taken in by those nice blouses and pants. By the way I got a JLo pair of pants and it is awesome. Love it! But I guess, for me the pleasure ends here. I have been over there several other times and everything remains nearly the same all the time on the female part of the shop.

After these several visits, I can say that pride mark is more of a guy shop! The shirts and t-shirts are nice and at very affordable prices. Nice belts and socks. 😛 On the other hand, the hand-bag and shoes  departments (for women) consist only of fashion crimes! *definitely not nice* stuffs!

So here is just my experience on shopping at Pride Mark.

PS: No need to comment. I understand. 🙂

Mauritian Laureate System

So finally the Government has decided to tackle the laureate system. Many I am sure have been waiting for this to happen, even if not quite in that way.

The major change consists of increasing the number of scholarships from 30 to 300. However, the scholarships, will be for undergraduate studies at the University of Mauritius. Moreover, those scholarships will be distributed on a region-wise basis. These are the three main changes affecting the system.

What I think on the matter: The increase from 30 to 300 scholarships is a good one. However, the 30 ones should have remained for studies abroad and the additional ones be granted for studies locally, at an institution of the person’s choice. Why only the University of Mauritius? We have the DCDM and other institutions. I suppose instead of making everything free for them at UoM, a certain sum of money could be given to these students. And don’t forget the facility problem we have at UoM. Well, maintaining the 30 scholarships for studies abroad might cost too much in the end. Can’t they reduce 30 to 10? 10 scholarships for studies abroad and 290 for studies locally?

Furthermore, you can’t force 300 laureates to study here. UoM, I am sure will not offer all the courses these students would choose to undertake. Full MBBS (Medicine)? Aeronautical Engineering?

And distributing those scholarships on a regional basis? Why? HSC exams are undertaken on a national level! Everyone sits for the same papers, so everyone should get an equal chance at those scholarships. I understand maybe the Government wants to give the less fortunate people of certain areas of the country a chance but really it, does not suit a laureate system.

Also, like my little brother pointed out to me, ‘VI 3’ students, that is, those sitting for the HSC exams for the second time must not be allowed to compete. It is not fair for the others sitting for the first time! For obvious reasons!

Anyway, no major decisions have been made yet. There was only a brainstorming session so far. I trust the Minister of Education is listening to all parties and a more proper change will then take place. Because really a change is indeed needed. I, for one, appreciate the Government’s initiative for change.

Girls and Bonds

Do girls really take time to bond with each other? and do we bond for life? how much do we value *sisterhood*?

I believe that girls  do take time to bond. And it takes longer the older they get.  On the other hand, if we look at boys, they tend to bond faster. They can start slapping each others back in no time. Why is that? After pondering on that for a moment, the answer is quite simple. It is no secret that the fairer sex is ruled by their emotions. They have to *feel* something to do anything. 🙂 and girls need to talk. They like sharing stuffs and hey, you can’t go babbling about your life to just anyone, right? Once a first connection is made, trust and loyalty follow. And once that has been established, a deep and beautiful bond is formed. 🙂 and all that for sure takes time. 😉

Now, keeping that bond strong and to make it stronger requires effort from both parties, like it is for any kind of relationship. It is a two-way traffic. Numerous times I have heard my older cousins or colleagues or friends even complain that they have lost contact with those they have been very close to during college and university. Some have married and do not have time to communicate. This is somewhat a sad reality. We have SMS and MSN and still time is the limiting factor! and marriage does change everything. (*duh*) I am personally not there yet. I am not married and none of my close friends are. So things are still good. I pray hard for that not to change but I know things will change. *sigh*

Sisterhood also implies loyalty. Sticking to each other’s side through thick and thin. Once there is a deep connection between two girls, loyalty becomes something extremely valued. That is why, if there is some sort of betrayal, it is very hard (but not impossible as some may believe), to patch things up again.

Bottom line, I say yes, girls take time to bond. Most of the time the bond, if not nurtured, fades away and yes, we value sisterhood, for however long it lasts.

~~~Every Woman Needs a Best Friend~~~

Yet more lives lost

Yesterday was indeed a black Tuesday! Two major road accidents, one causing four dead people, aging between 18 to 58. If I remember well, this is the second or third road accident involving those sugar trucks. And that’s one too many!  God, when are the authorities going to wake up and do something about this? Cause obviously there is a problem with that category of drivers!

A car can be considered as a weapon of mass destruction these days. A car can kill a large number of people! Now imagine a one big sugar truck! And hey, you don’t give weapons of mass destruction to stupid people! (Right?)

I say there is a major revision to be done where those drivers’ licenses are concerned. And maybe teach them where the brakes are found and that 40kmph means 40kmph! *duh*

Nannies – An option (?)

Today, we have a large number of married women who work. And many of them are mothers too. What I particularly want to talk about here are those ‘new’ mothers. After their maternity leave, which is around two months, they have to worry about finding a good and qualified nursery or someone to look after their newborn. And that is not an easy task.

It is no secret that parents don’t really trust nurseries, especially those we have in Mauritius. They hire just about anyone, not really stressing on having the required skills and qualifications. Well, maybe not all but most are like that. We have countless stories that have been reported in the news that I’m sure gave terrible goosebumps.

But what are those parents to do? Their options are very limited. Some may think of grand-parents. However now grand-parents do not live under the same roof, or they live far or they are themselves frail or they just refuse. So despite themselves, parents leave their babies to the care of nurseries.

What would be a great option in my option are nannies. By definition a nanny is ‘employed by a family in either a live-in or live-out basis. The function of a nanny is to essentially be responsible for all care of the children in the home in a largely unsupervised setting. Duties are typically focused on childcare and any household chores or tasks related to the children. ‘ <>

In many developed countries, mainly the US or Europe, there are nanny agencies. They also provide nanny consulting services. Those people are properly trained and there is a whole set of rules and regulations that they abide to. *Also, and very importantly, nannies are not to be confused with babysitters.*

In Mauritius, while there are various instances encouraging women to join the workforce, that particular social aspect has been neglected: What do we do of the babies when the mothers have to work?

Again in my opinion, the Government could  set up national agencies that could train people in childcare, to train those who are interested in becoming qualified nannies. And so that parents can rest assured or rather, work peacefully, there must be some kind of regulation or some piece of legislature, like for example, granting licenses to qualified nannies.

I know that the ‘nanny concept’ will be a hard one to grasp by Mauritians but as many of the advantages will become known, more and more families will tend to adapt it. And nannies do not necessarily have to be live-in ones. Mauritius ain’t that big an island. 🙂

On a more personal note, this post springs from my last post. 😛 I’ve already decided that no child of mine will see the inside of a nursery! I’ll train my own nanny if I have to! 😉

<or maybe I can set up that nanny agency myself (!)> *-*