Girls and Bonds

Do girls really take time to bond with each other? and do we bond for life? how much do we value *sisterhood*?

I believe that girls  do take time to bond. And it takes longer the older they get.  On the other hand, if we look at boys, they tend to bond faster. They can start slapping each others back in no time. Why is that? After pondering on that for a moment, the answer is quite simple. It is no secret that the fairer sex is ruled by their emotions. They have to *feel* something to do anything. 🙂 and girls need to talk. They like sharing stuffs and hey, you can’t go babbling about your life to just anyone, right? Once a first connection is made, trust and loyalty follow. And once that has been established, a deep and beautiful bond is formed. 🙂 and all that for sure takes time. 😉

Now, keeping that bond strong and to make it stronger requires effort from both parties, like it is for any kind of relationship. It is a two-way traffic. Numerous times I have heard my older cousins or colleagues or friends even complain that they have lost contact with those they have been very close to during college and university. Some have married and do not have time to communicate. This is somewhat a sad reality. We have SMS and MSN and still time is the limiting factor! and marriage does change everything. (*duh*) I am personally not there yet. I am not married and none of my close friends are. So things are still good. I pray hard for that not to change but I know things will change. *sigh*

Sisterhood also implies loyalty. Sticking to each other’s side through thick and thin. Once there is a deep connection between two girls, loyalty becomes something extremely valued. That is why, if there is some sort of betrayal, it is very hard (but not impossible as some may believe), to patch things up again.

Bottom line, I say yes, girls take time to bond. Most of the time the bond, if not nurtured, fades away and yes, we value sisterhood, for however long it lasts.

~~~Every Woman Needs a Best Friend~~~