Shopping at Pride Mark

Is it really a pride to shop at Pride Mark?

There was a shopping frenzy when it first opened earlier this year. There were long queues and every one wanted to grab something so that they can later on brag that the item comes from ‘Pride Mark’. πŸ˜€ Ah les Mauriciens!

Well, being the shopping addict that I am, of course I could not stay away! So I went there and I too was shocked by the number of people present. I didn’t buy anything on that day. I could not!

Anyway, I went again a couple of months later and the place was not as hectic but still many people were shopping. The stuffs are generally of good quality. At first I was taken in by those nice blouses and pants. By the way I got a JLo pair of pants and it is awesome. Love it! But I guess, for me the pleasure ends here. I have been over there several other times and everything remains nearly the same all the time on the female part of the shop.

After these several visits, I can say that pride mark is more of a guy shop! The shirts and t-shirts are nice and at very affordable prices. Nice belts and socks. πŸ˜› On the other hand, the hand-bag and shoes Β departments (for women) consist only of fashion crimes! *definitely not nice* stuffs!

So here is just my experience on shopping at Pride Mark.

PS: No need to comment. I understand. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Shopping at Pride Mark

  1. I’ve always liked Pridemark! Yes I’m a cheapskate! LOL recession…

    On a serious note, I think the price set for Pridemark clothes is reasonable because nowadays you wouldn’t wear the same pair of jeans/blouses/skirts/skivvies for more than 6 months, give or take. Pridemark is a good outlet for those who likes to keep up, neck to neck, with the latest trends.

    And I agree with you about the jewelry section. Goddammit! Methinks I bought a necklace set along with matchin earrings. That was my worse purchase ever!

  2. I like PrideMark, and I was there last week itself.

    It is the only shop where I found myself drowning in a tshirt and there was no smaller size!

    lol, generally, it is very difficult for me to get clothes, but @PrideMark, the experience was kindda different and affordable.


      • Wow, Ive written that post a while back. πŸ™‚ However, my opinion remains the same. It lacks variety on the female wing! Month in, month out, the same stuffs are there! and those handbags!!! urgghh!!!

        But see, my brother loves pridemark’s tshirts! So on the man’s side, the stuffs are pretty good.

        I don’t see why I need further investigation. I don’t like the things you have for women. And that is it. A honest opinion. πŸ˜€

    • I am not scared to see journalists joining the blog sphere! πŸ™‚ Everyone can join in…but funny you should be commenting about something like that….I have a post concerning Mauritian Journalists coming up! πŸ˜›

  3. CLOCLO says:

    i can say that i loved PrideMark,i was able to get everyone a gift there.It did saved me lots of time.It reminds me a lot of Kmart,BIG w in Aus.It is like shopping at home.What i did like is the fact that the salesgirls didn’t follow you everywhere as they do in small shops.So i was able to shop ( a l’aise).
    Next time when i’ll go to mru,definitely i will be going to PrideMark to do all my shopping.

    • Well I am glad you had a good experience at PrideMark! And you went there that only one time?
      Cause I went several times and you know what, the sections that I mentioned that ain’t really that attractive are being changed. Last time I went, all those ugly bags and shoes were gone! πŸ˜€ I have not been there again, so i don’t really know with what they were replaced! πŸ˜›

  4. Well i found pride mark there lots of variety clothes that depend on your choices.According to me i found women stuff are good

    and the staff are very kind and helpfull

  5. lovena says:

    not by imitating abroad shopping mall or design layout or rather copying on other…….that one can conquer the customer……
    I was there and check the stuffs… favorite “brand Zara” is there…but guess…..seen to be imitation n the quality bad…I better to do the online shopping rather than pridemark…

  6. George Nikolai says:

    I have a question before going to Pride Mark on Monday. Do they sell cargo pants there? I’ve searched everywhere in Mauritius and I haven’t seen a single cargo pants on this island.

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