Here Is Here

I really don’t understand why some people always compare Mauritius and other countries when they want to illustrate why a certain change must occur in Mauritius. Ok, granted that we must follow good examples and do the necessary to bring positive changes where we can. Specially in this fast moving world.

But what I don’t get is that why when a certain something is being done in Europe, America or Australia, for some people, it automatically means it will be good for us Mauritians. In these people’s opinions, absolutely everything must be done to follow in those ‘advanced’ countries’ steps, foregoing the difference of cultures and mindsets of the citizens. Within Mauritius itself, the differences are great, even if we have learnt to accept them, in most cases.

Caution must be exerted when dealing in such situations. Mauritians are still very attached to their cultures. And I don’t believe they will let go that soon.

Before even thinking of introducing any kind of change, I think it will be safer for the authorities or the change ‘bringer’ to do a feasibility study and check the state of mind of the people before taking a decision. And also, it will help in coming up with the best way to bring about the required change.

Well, many people disagree with me already. I, for one, am saying this only because Mauritius is a special case, as it always is. πŸ™‚

Mauritius, C’est un plaisir… πŸ˜‰

Doing the Best

In most big things we set out to do, we have in our mind that we are going to do our best and reach the goal. We give our heart and soul. All is good if everything goes as planned.

But what if doing your best just is not enough? and you try and try and try to figure out what is missing but you can’t find it? what if you think you need just that one piece of the puzzle but it is lost? what if you don’t know what the next step is? what if you keep changing stuffs so as to find a way out but you are just turning around? what if you keep fighting to maintain a positive attitude but in vain?

What do you do? Give up? Let some time pass and try again?

Just pray…and keep on doing the best you can…

Sometimes the Truth…

Sometimes the truth stares right at me and I refuse to acknowledge it….

Sometimes the truth plays hide and seek when I need it the most…

Sometimes the truth just is not there when I am lost…

Sometimes the truth relieves me when I am in pain….

Sometimes the truth changes color when I don’t know what it means…

Sometimes the truth is sweet and I smile…

Sometimes the truth is bitter and I cry…

Truth for me may have all these sometimes…but Always, always, always give me nothing but the truth…


Hmm no, I am not going to write about romance. Actually I’m having some lemon juice and it’s quite bitter. So no, romance is not on my mind right now.

Thing is I have just come across one of those books in my drawer. I got that as a gift back when I was in f5. Yeah quite some years have gone by. Well, seeing that book reminds me of how much I loved to read the series back then. I would go to the Municipal library every two days or right before my tuitions just to get those books. And I had my brother’s library card too. So in a week I was reading an average of 6 Mills and Boons books. And loving it.

But seeing that book tonight also reminds me of how much I despise the series now. Don’t get me wrong. I still like romance stories but those Mills and Boons series really give a too-good- to-be true view on romantic relationships. So much so I even think it is twisted!! And my, nearly all the stories resemble each other. Like one writer takes another one’s book and tries to improve the story in another setting but which eventually ends up just the same. ‘I love you. I love you too.’ Duh!

One can argue that you can read the book just to enjoy the story. Believe me, you can’t. You can’t read those books objectively. Or in a mature way. Little by little, you’ll get *influenced* and build a certain rosy image of what a romantic relationship should be like. You have *Expectations*. And when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to, you end up feeling disappointed.

So I am totally advising people not to read those Mills and Boons books. Don’t even try one. It is addictive. It’ll grow on you. Really. It is not worth it.

Talia Tanga

The Talia Tanga have been specially designed to fit your G-Strings. Their silky soft and ultra thin cover becomes one with your underwear, ensuring maximum discretion. So start your day feeling clean, fresh and confident with Talia Tanga!

That’s how the ad is for this new type of sanitary pads. Really, I didn’t know this stuff existed! Way to go uh!


PS: I think it is hard to feel confident with those! *-*

Edited: Actually, talia tanga is what is called ‘Panty Shields’.

Let Me

Let Me

Let Me Be Here

Let Me Hold You Tight

Let Me Take Your Hand

Let Me See You Smile

Let Me Hear You Laugh

Let Me Kiss You

Let Me Love You

Let Me Show You How Special You Are To Me

Just Let Me, Me & Only Me

Politicians and the Media

During the past year I have noticed that Politicians have ‘attacked’ the Media about various stuffs. And to defend itself, the Media speaks of violation of the freedom of expression, freedom of speech. This ‘war’ between the media and the politicians has been going on for a long time but has been taken up another level with the introduction of the three private radios.

In my opinion, the journalists here in Mauritius do not really behave as good journalists should. And the verbal assault they are subject to by politicians Β is kind of justified. It is very apparent which political party is supported by the l’express newspaper. The same for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Radio Plus and Radio One. Most of these media parties take sides when there is a certain political issue going on.

Is that the way the Media should operate? Obviously the answer is No.

The main aim of the Media is to report to the general public. To inform the people and to present the *facts* as they are! To ask the right questions, the questions being asked by the population. However, when the journalists write, they tend to give their own *opinions* on the different matters and most of the time distorting the truth, whatever the truth may be. This in turn trigger the animosity of the politicians, who have their speeches dissected and presented in the wrong light.

So in my opinion, it is high time journalists and the media sphere as a whole wear their political colors in private and adopt the role of the true informer, without trying to guide people to think in a specific way. Leave it to each individual to make up their own mind. The Mauritian People are intelligent enough.

The Media should just be a good and reliable information provider.

P.S: Guiblog asked on my previous post why people are afraid to see journalists having their own blogs. Well I for one ain’t afraid! I’m sure yashvin from yashvinblogs is not afraid as well. As a matter of fact, journalists can use their blogs to express those personal opinions they have and leave the press or TV to do its real job. πŸ™‚